One of my most favorite local blogs to follow is Data Di.  Data Di is a Cathedral City Photography/Art class that documents all of their progress and projects on their classroom’s blog.  Through this website you can stay informed on not just what the students are up to and all of their accomplishments, it’s really cool.

The last time I posted about Data Di was in regards to a cool skateboard design contest that the class and Epidemic Skateboard Shop teamed up on.  This time, Data Di and Epidemic are at it again with a third party, Vans Shoes!!!

Check out all of the featured shoes for their upcoming Vans Custom Shoe Silent Auction.  Each shoe is unique and cutting edge in design.  Plus, I love the photographic shots with the shoes that have the desert landscape as it’s backdrop.  Reminds me of that laid back, Palm Springs lifestyle.

Make sure to start saving up your money now to be able to participate in this silent auction on January 24-28th!!  All proceeds go towards Cathedral City High School’s Advanced Art class and Data Skills USA.  This is a great way to support your local arts programs… and look cool while doing it.

Here is the official flyer:

For more information on the CCHS Advanced Art class, Data Di:


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