Jean-Michel Basquiat, “Palm Springs Jamp” (1982)

“Painted in 1982, Palm Springs Jump is one of the great exuberant paintings exalting this spirit of improvised adventure and achievement that Basquiat made in a surge of drug and music-fuelled creativity during the heady days when he had just broken through to star status. Marking his ascension to the big time, these paintings, widely regarded as among Basquiat’s best, both celebrate and define an entire pantheon of characters – saints, kings, heroes and villains radiating, rising and falling at the edge of Basquiat’s consciousness. Here, personal heroes like Hank Aaron and Joe Louis adorned with crowns and haloes rage terrifyingly in a mixture of triumph or anger amidst a downtown barrage of colourful pictorial flotsam scrawled, splashed and drawn from disparate sources. Applied with all the frenetic energy and hyperactive imagination of a kid surging on a sugar rush in front of Saturday morning cartoons, comic-book figures mix and fuse on Basquiat’s canvases with words and images taken from a wide range of sources that all lay immediately to hand in his chaotic crash-pad of a studio.” –

I wasn’t aware that Basquiat had a piece after Palm Springs.  You learn something new everyday.

Here’s to Basquiat, to learning something new every day and to jumping off into the deep end…


You know what it is!! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, the weekly that keeps on going!  Make sure to scroll down the blog and read the INTERVIEW we just had with DJ Day and Aimlo about their big night!  Congrats guys!!!

Then, down the street is a super flossy hip hop show at Space 120.  Long time hip hop crew of the Coachella Valley, Undiscovered Poets, will headline the stage along with many other acts including the Sufakaters.  No cover charge!  Gold boom boxes!


On Friday night there are many rock shows going at once in Indio and in Palm Springs.  It’s going to be a tuff decision to pick one.  Maybe everyone can pick 2 and we can all party hop around?  First stop – The Date Shed!!!  Not only are they going to be Indio’s Big Lizard and Palm Springs’s Cheese… but they are also going to have Alf Alpha!!!  Rumor has it that Alf Alpha will be kicking off a dance party at the end of the night… so we just might have to stick around for that one, actually.  =)

The Desert Rock Series at the IPAC continues on strong.  The headlining band has a name that I rather not repeat, however, they are notably very talented.  In addition to the bands rocking out on stage… there will also be a special screening of “Such Hawks Such Hounds.”  Sounds super interesting.  Make sure to check it out!!!

The third rock party going down in one night in Indio is Soul Opus + Evaro + Chase1 at the Tack Room Tavern.  Sound be a groovy party, with room for a dance floor.  Swaying hips and melodies to ensue.

In Palm Springs, at the Ace Hotel, our good homies for life Slipping into Darkness will not only headline the show but also curate the art show that will be happening simultaneously.  Multi-talented guys, I tell ya.  Blackstrap Molasses will also be rocking out with the dudes.  I already smell an after party.

And let’s say you’re in Palm Springs, looking to take a quick trip outta town.  Well, lucky you!  You can hop on the party bus that will be heading straight to the world famous Key Club in Hollywood!!!  Sweeeeeeet!  Not only will you see the Ying Yang twins perform, but you will also see Provoked, Pimpin Quinn, and a few other desert hip hop acts.


Okay, so yeah…. this is our (The Coachella Valley Art Scene) and Alf Alpha’s monthly party.  Of course we want you to come!!!  We wouldn’t try to sell you on something that we didn’t believe in.  Let me tell you …. the craft table is going to be super legit!  Bring some old funky hat of your that you want to revamp into the most esquisite party hat ever!  It’s “design your own party hat” night!!! Also, it’s the official “Congratulations on getting booked at Coachella Fest” party for Alf Alpha!!!!!  All around, it’s a win-win situation.

The tack room tavern is in Indio, the Palm Springs Tavern is in …. Palm Springs.  Campaigning for Zeros will be playing and I’m not sure is “threedrinkminimum” is the other band that’s playing or if they are just letting us know that there is literally a 3 drink minimum?  Either way, threedrinkminimum is a cool band name.

I’m telling you… this electro, dubsetp, house scene in the desert is going off right now.  There is truly something for everyone out there.  Here is one example of just that!


I love the name. “Cup of Happy”!  And look how happy and cheerful this flyer is!  So cute!!  This is for an Open Mic Night in Desert Hot Springs!  BYOB… cup of happy, of course.


Doo Wop in the Desert is an interactive, retro costume party that you and all your friends are invited to!  Bring a date, come alone, it doesn’t matter.  Just come and have a good time.  Dress up and get ready to dance to the sounds soul and funk and dance music from the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s!!  Plus, live house band, Evaro, will cover songs from the Supremes, Temptations, Check Berry and many more!

It’s 18+, and tickets are only $10 a person!  So, get your tickets now before they sell out:

Have a great weekend and please be safe!!