As many of your may have seen, read, or heard… there will be a photo booth at the Doo Wop in the Desert. And as many of you may have been wondering, pondering or conspiring on who the photographer will be, today we squash the conspiracies and get down on an interview with our photographer of the night.

Meet the charming, the popular, the genuine, IGGy Photography. We first found out about IGGy through his work that he has done with many hip hop artists in and around the Coachella Valley. We were impressed with his bold, colorful, and all-around fun work. If you stumble across an IGGy Photography photo on the Internet, you know right away whose work it is. And we like that.

After we met IGGy, and were so impressed with his free spirit, good conversations, and infectious friendliness… we thought, this guy is perfect for a Doo Wop in the Desert party. You can chat it up with IGGy and he can just put you at ease. And sometimes, that’s really what you need when you have that lens focused on you. Especially when you’re all dressed up. You just need someone to reassure you that you are amazing, and IGGy has that power.

We are really forward to collaborating with IGGy Photography at the Doo Wop in the Desert. The photo booth will be located inside the Commune and will be free of charge and this year (2011) we will be offering a free printed out photo to each person!!  The perfect souvenir to the perfect evening.

So, without further ado…. I present…. IGGy Photography!

INTERVIEW: IGGy Photography

(a reprinted article)

conducted by Sarah Scheideman of The Coachella Valley Art Scene

Name: Ignacio G. Gonzalez

Photography Name: IGGy Photography

Give us a little of your desert history. When did you come to the desert? Why? Who are your parents? How are they involved in the Coachella Valley community?

Well, I was born in El Centro. My mother moved my brother and I here to Indio when I was four years old after my mother divorced my biological father and grew up in Indio my whole life. My parents are Ana Rascon Vasquez and Al Vasquez whom own and run La Prensa Hispana Newspaper. They are also very active in the community helping many charities most recently the Animal Samaritans.

When did you first discover that photography was a passion of yours and that you wanted to pursue it in life?

When I began high school I added photography class as an elective because I thought it might be fun. This is before digital was so consumer available so it was all black and white darkroom photography, very exciting. It turned out I had an eye for it and excelled in the class, but even better I discovered my passion for photography. Then my senior year I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in photography and attend Brooks Institute of Photography.

What college did you attend? What did you study?

Brooks Institute of Photography and my focus was in Photography and Advertisement.

Who are some photographers that you admire?

As far as inspiration and photographers I admire, Edward Weston and Irving Penn always come to mind, however these days I admire more the friends and colleagues I went to school with.
Irving Penn started shooting for Vogue in the ‘50s all the way till his death and Edward Weston is one of the early masters of Black and White Photography and the Zone System of shooting, 20’s 30’s 40’s.

Who are some of the most interesting people you have shot?

My friend Pacman and he Mystic Journeymen.

How would you describe your style of photography?


What equipment do you use?

Canon 40D wide to telephoto lens.
I have 3 light strobe kit I use for my studio stuff along with a background kit.

What kind of photography work do you do out here in the Coachella Valley?

Anything from weddings to promo shots for artist.

If you could swap something from 2010 with something from the 1950′s, what would that be?

My Xterra for a Bel Air!

If you could swap something from 2010 with something from the 1960′s what would that be?

My xterra for a El Camino!

If you could swap something from 2010 with something from the 1970′s what would that be?

My xterra for a Hemi Cuda! I like old cars.

What photography projects/concepts are you currently working on?

I would like to shoot more film as well as begin experimenting with cyanotypes.

What can we look forward to seeing from Iggy Photography in the future?

I am hoping to work my way back to L.A. so I can continue working towards my dream of having my own studio in L.A.

If we want to become a fan of your photography on Facebook? on Myspace? on Twitter? on the Internet…. where do we go to add you?

If we want to book your for our next event, how do we contact you?
Through my social network sites or email me or call me 805 896-4875.

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Catch IGGy Photography at Doo Wop in the Desert…. next Saturday, February 12th!!!

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Looking forward to seeing  you there!!!