Welcome back!

SORRY we took so long to get this week started!!!! As you may or may not have figured out already, The Coachella Valley Art Scene is a hobby (at this point) and sometimes work and life get in the way.  Yesterday was actually my Mom’s 50th Birthday and we had a big party for her.  Trying to gather up her gaggle of girls was challenging…. more challenging then just trying to bring together party people for our World Famous parties!!!  Anyways, party for my Mom was great but now it’s time to get the party started here on the blog!!!  Let’s get it crackin!!

So let’s go!

1.  World Famous Party Recap. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported!!!  We had such good feedback.  I saw not only some amazing dance moves out on that dance floor, but also some really great party hats.  You guys killed it!

2.  Commercial Break. I have been seeing so many great videos on Youtube lately from the residents of the 760… I’ve kinda became a Youtube junky.  Someone pull me away from this damn computer!!!

3.  Doo Wop in the Desert! Doo Wop in the Desert is coming up!!  This week we focus on photos and make sure you guys buy your ticket in advanced because ….. well, we just might sell out!!  The party is more fun than you probably can imagine.  It’s a blast…. from the past, that’s futuristic and cutting edge, all at the same time.  It’s soooo Palm Springs.

4.  Interviews: Evaro, Alf Alpha, and Iggy Photography. This week we reprint out interviews from the Doo Wop gang.  If you didn’t get a chance to read all about them last year…. now is your chance.

5.  Hi Desert Art Shows. There is nothing better than taking a day trip up to the High Desert…. at least in my opinion.  I, personally, LOVE the High Desert.  I love the area, the quirkiness, and more than anything… the people.  Another thing that the High Desert should receive good recognition for is their great amount of consistent art shows that occur every week.  These aren’t high end art shows either… they are for the people, by the people.  And we over here at The Coachella Valley Art Scene support that 100%.

6.  Palm Springs Juried Art Show. Speaking of art shows…. Palm Springs is having a Juried Art Show, and it’s going to be pretty awesome.  More details in just a bit.

7.  Randoms. Who knows what I will pull out of my blogging bunny hat… it even surprises me sometimes.  You gotta stay tuned to see what tricks I can pull this week.

8.  Things 2 Do Thursday. The party never stops in the desert… never. Centuries and centuries of partying…. you think it’s ever going to end?  I think not.