Ever so often, while searching on the internet for all kinds of information regarding the Coachella Valley, I come across something that really stands out and makes me smile.

It’s not always the best written thing, the worst, the most cruel, or the funniest… it’s just… undeniably…. the best thing on the internet!

So, in the spirit of smiles and the joy of  finding the needle in a hay stack I have created a special post devoted to the one I love…

A Craigslist Love Chirp

This episode of “Best Thing on the Internet” features a Craigslist posting that I found today.  It’s is adorable!!!!!!  Someone, anyone, please right this charming young, adorable man back and accompany him to the Doo Wop.

And to whoever the girl from Lit class was that turned down Ryan Donald Cartwright III… shame on you.

For those with impaired vision, here is the copies and pasted version:

Polite gentleman hoping to find a date for the Doo Wop dance

Date: 2011-02-11, 2:50AM PST

I am a shy person. Could you believe the girl from my literature class turned me down? Truly upsetting. Regardless I think I am a very nice guy and i can entertain just about anybody. I’m determined to find a date as I’ve never been to a dance in my whole life and I feel as if I’m in my own wonder years episode. It’s a 50’s themed dance at the ace hotel in palm springs, and i am looking to take a happenin’, powerful young woman somewhere in her twenties who wouldn’t mind dinner and some drinks and, if we really pulled it together, corresponding attire. I don’t know if I’ve ever gone on a date in this fashion and it deeply fascinates me. I do declare whoever I do choose or chooses me will be treated to only the finest. Eh?

-Ryan Donald Cartwright III

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