This week The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Commercial Break takes time to tribute one of the most hilarious, hard to understand, smelly, strange, under-appreciated, artistic MCs from the desert to ever do it: Jon Afro.  Jon Afro was a member of a comedic/punk rock/hip hop … okay, basically super hard to define.. group called Organic Junk Fude.  Please take the time to listen to these interviews that we have dug up on Youtube.  These are rare interviews, and most definitely classics.

A good laugh, nonetheless.

A little information on Jon Afro:

John Afro’s Band originated about two years ago, as many a band does, in a garage with several different instruments. Now the members of the band are Anthony S. on bass, Mike C. on drums, and, of course, the focal point of the group, Haitian John. JAB has played local parties and the members’ garages.

Originally JAB was called Cal-Trans. They changed the name and recorded the 4 track album “Haitian Revenge”. They disbanded around 1995, which is around the same time Jon stopped hanging around bandmate Anthony. Now, 10 years after the breakup, JAB is reforming with Organic Junk Fude alumni, which is the band Jon Afro is currently in.

(via Myspace, originally published in 1994)