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Hot off the press is a super smokin’ interview between yours truly (The Coachella Valley Art Scene) and the Desert Valley Star Weekly’s Michelle Castillo.

The Coachella Valley Art Scene has only been interviewed a handful of times, and each time we feel more and more comfortable revealing more and more about ourselves and our organization.  I suppose it’s because I’m a little shy, but because Michelle Catsillo being the good journalist that she is, made me feel all warm and cozy inside.

So, mozy on over to your fire place, sprawl out on your fur carpet, flip to page five (5) in the Desert Valley Star Weekly and read all about the little blog that could, The Coachella Valley Art Scene:

Once you open up the Desert Valley Star, turn to page 5 and there you will find a ravishing article.  I made sure to highlight exactly where we are just in case you have bad eye sight 😉

For all of my readers who are so close virtually, yet so far away physically, here is the article copied and pasted onto my blog.  This version of the interview is the one that was submitted to the Editor before the cuts, so it may be slightly different than the printed version.

Make sure to scroll all the way down to get the link to view the entire newspaper online so you can view all the photos and all that….


Doo Wop in the Desert: Bringing Back the Art of Romance

by Michelle Castillo

Giving fresh cut flowers, cooking dinner together, drive-in theaters, to star gazing these are all simple acts that bring back the art of romance. The Coachella Valley Art Scene wanted to recreate that type of setting for lovers and friends. This past weekend they presented the 2nd annual retro/classic themed Valentine’s dance, Doo Wop in the Desert  in the Commune at the Ace Hotel.  While you entered the dimly candle lit room the décor of the place just takes one back to a 1950’s high school sweetheart dance The dance catered to everyone from young to old couples, to a group of friends just looking to dress up and have a fun night out. Each ticket included a chance to have a take home portrait behind a vintage prom background and delicious frosted cupcakes. Attendees were dressed up for the occasion sporting fashions from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Seeing one guy wearing bell bottoms to a lady wearing a poodle skirt, the attire of the night just added to theme.  Music was provided by DJ Alf Alpha spinning on the 1’s & 2’s along with the live house band the Evaro serenading us with Doo Wop themed music. As the night lingered on and the dance had come to an end, this year’s Doo Wop in the Desert definitely had a hand in bringing back the art of romance.

Before the dance I got a chance to sit down with Sarah Scheideman creator of Coachella Valley Art Scene and her boyfriend Raphael Lopez (a.k.a D.J. Alf Alpha) to find out how everything comes together at this growing art/ music community blog.

MC: What is Coachella Valley Art Scene and how did it all begin?

CVAS: Back in 2007 right after graduating college I had come back to my desert abode and noticed that there was something missing in the valley for the younger generation. Seeing that there was not a lot of culture enriched events that included the art and music community that catered to my age group (D.I.Y art parties shows, music venues). I was inspired to start the blog of the Coachella Valley Art Scene, which at first was a hobby informing our local 20 something’s about “Things 2 Do”  around the valley, to becoming a full blown passion and determination in cultivating the arts amongst  the under 40 crowd. Coachella Valley Art scene growing strong in its 3rd year has been a grass roots effort all along. Our dear friends like the Date Farmers, would let us use their studios for some of our first music/art shows, to promoting our parties and happenings around the valley through word of mouth, and Myspace bulletins.  Basically, we would post a bulletin or post online about a party then all of sudden creating a social network of people who are re-posting the event or inviting their friends to it. It is all about using the internet and technology as a hub to reach the internet savvy crowd.

MC: Any recent parties or events you are throwing?

CVAS: Our most recent effort in its second year, is called “Doo Wop in the Desert a retro valentines dance held at the Ace Hotel.  Doo Wop is a retro prom dress up party along with free cupcakes, a photo booth, and more! Musical guests will include DJ Alf Alpha (spinning the 50,s 60,s 70,s all night long) and Evaro. This year our goal is to bring, “The art of romance back. Whatever happened to writing poetry, picnics at the park with a bottle of red wine, flowers, and getting all dressed up? We simply want to bring back the art romance to our Coachella Valley. We are also excited to announce that the Coachella Art Studios will be back at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival for its 3rd year. The Coachella Art Studios is a “large scale interactive live art installation,” with D.I.Y art workshops each presented by local young artists from Riverside County. This year we definitely have a special treat in store for those who stop by.

MC: What does the future look like for Coachella Valley Art Scene?

CVAS: To simply continue doing what we love to do running the blog with passion and soul for the local arts community.

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