*Special note: First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who came out to our monthly at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room, World Famous!  This wouldn’t be happening without you.  We appreciate all of the support and we shall see you at our next one, March 26th!


* * *


This past Saturday was The Coachella Valley Art Scene + Alf Alpha’s monthly party at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.

In typical Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha fashion we offered nothing but the best in beats and music from around the world (via Alf Alpha) and a super fun/free crafts table full of color and different fabrics (via The Coachella Valley Art Scene).



This party was to be a very special one because it was the celebration of my (Sarah) birthday!  Check out the additional flyer I made.  I thought it was pretty funny – how about you?



So basically, we were really excited for the night!

And so it went….


At 11:00pm we all boarded the ship, “World Famous”, for a trip that guaranteed to have us moving, shaking, sweating, dancing, and partying to music selections from the 1970′s into the future, with origins from Africa, Berlin, New York, infused with that energy and enthusiasm that is similar to that you can find in all the party scenes and underground dance clubs in-between.



(Captain Alf Alpha on the decks)

Assisting Captain Alf Alpha on the World Famous journey were the all mighty Amigo Room bartenders (word up! never forget to tip your bartender) and The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  The bartenders served each guest their personalized party potion Rx fix while The Coachella Valley Art Scene offered free art supplies to supplement the times when you need to take a break from the dance floor.  The three different entities complemented one another and kept a nice flow of a party atmosphere steady vibin’.


(live video of the party taken by the homie, Raymond Avila)



While half of the party passengers were getting lost on the dance floor…

… the other half were finding themselves to be quite the artists at the DIY craft table outside:

(craft table was busy all night long!)

(these three guys really dove in and went all out on the crafts.  Check out the guy who wrapped himself in yard (very performance artist) and the other guys who made bow chains.  they were definitely the most craft-fashionable at the party)

(artsy guys get all the love)

(kinda hard to tell, but that’s a fabulous ring that she made!)

(Alex said at the beginning of the night that he didn’t know how to craft.  We yelled at him to give it a chance, and then what do you know… he was one of the top crafters of the night!!!  Check out that wicked mask he made out of felt.)

(we loved how abstract this one was)


(nice use of yarn!)

(adorable felt red rose)


(the non-crafters. hey, is that guy flipping me off?!?! ) ;-P



Around midnight, the party really took an interesting turn.  Seemed as if the Rx prescriptions from the bartenders mixed with the supperb song selections from DJ Alf Alpha resulted in some amazing, out-of-this world Amigo Room party experiences.





From that climax, Alf Alpha then guided the World Famous ship back to reality as we slowly, and regrettably, approached 2:00 am.


* * *



Big thank you to the Ace Hotel!


Big thank you to Alf Alpha, the man who controlled the crowd all night!


listen to live mixes from our past World Famous parties at:




See ya next month, March 26th!!!

We will be teaming up with Epidemic SkateSwagShop and debuting the limited edition

Alf Alpha x Epidemic SkateShop sunglasses!

Just in time for Coachella Fest and the Summer!



See you there!!


(thank you to angela + alex who helped make this faaaaabulous World Famous commercial)