Every year around this time in the Coachella Valley the locals seem to moan and complain about “tourists” and “snow birds” coming into town.  It sounds something like this, “Nobody knows how to drive” and “It’s too crowded” and “Oh no he is not wearing that Hawaiian print shirt!!”.  Why so territorial?  Why so negative?  Sometimes you just gotta embrace the fact we live in an extremely gorgeous desert, with extremely gorgeous mountains (that give off powerful negative ions) and uber super cool places to hang out & explore.

Just to remind us all to not be so territorial I have posted a photo of the real natives to the Mojave Desert (*see photo above).  This photo is the backdrop on my laptop and it always humbles me everyday.

So, with that being said – this post is dedicated to everyone who travels in and out of the desert on a weekly, monthly, semi-annually, once-a-year basis.  Being nomadic is the basics to way it should be – so cheers to you for living it up and having supurb taste (for the mere fact that you are here in the Coachella Valley) while you’re at it.

Natives, locals, tourists, hipsters, flipsters, gangsters and countrymen gather here:


DJ Day has been holding it down on a monthly basis for more than a year now.  That’s what’s up!


If you are looking for a little nomatic excusrion, tarvel on up to Pomona tonight.  DJ Alf Alpha will be spinning the most crackin party in the Inland Empire.  And really, we are not joking when we say it’s the most crackin party.  We’ve been to it a couple times and it reaches maximum capacity at midnight pretty often.  Not only is it a rooftop party – but it also has a chill lounge downstairs as well.  Anyways, lots of fun. Get there before 11pm.

This partying is going to be nuts.  Just really nuts.  Look at that lineup.  Just look at it!  It’s amazing!!!  Plus, there’s going to be art there?!??! And it’s in DHS.  And it’s at the Dillion Road House?  And Michael Durazo is throwing it?  And it’s going to celebrate all these Pisces Birthday’s???  Wowowowowowoowowoow.  Go.

Is that the road to or from the Date Shed?!?!  Hopefully it’s the from from the Date Shed!  Looks liek it’s heading out towards Arizona anyways.  So, yeah, Coachella Valley legends, Pedestrians Vs. War Party are going to be at the Date Shed and it’s going to be a packed house!!! Might get a little cray cray!

Red Barn!! You know what that means!!! Up in flames for sure!!!!!

Oh and the Dead Trees will be playing in the Amigo Room at the Ace Hotel. Shhhheck it out!


Everyone should go support the homies at Safehouse!!! Not only are they a great organization that pertains and should be of interest to people our age, but they are also throwing an amazing event that will feature the Reunion DJs; Aimlo and DJ Day!!!  Doin’ it in the park… doin’ it after dark… oh yeah… oh yeaaaahhhh.

Gram Rabbit played Coachella Fest a couple years ago and you better believe that I was right there in the middle of the day burning my shoulders from the blazing sun and enjoying the pain just to hear one of my all-time favorite bands from the Coachella Valley (more-so High Desert, but let’s just say Coachella Valley for all the wrong reasons).  We know that Coachella Fest = top notch talent and yes, Gram Rabbit is top notch!!!  A must!

Rock-a-Billy chicks are so hot.  And I’m not even a dude, but I just know it to be true. Anywhere where there’s hot chicks, good music, a cool atmosphere and a venue in a city of mystique is a good time in my opinion.

DJ set by Alex Merrell this Saturday.  Come get sloshed.

To all the CVAS readers out there: Thank you for all your support!  I appreciate the love and encouragement so much!!  So touching.  And yes, today is my birthday so I am sorry for slacking off a bit!!  Been partying it up!  So much to celebrate!!  So, once again – I love and appreciate all the support (and Happy birthday wishes!)