Earlier this week my computer crashed.


This is horrible news to a blogger.  In fact, I would even go as far to say that it’s the worst news!  I use my laptop every single day to either research information for The Coachella Valley Art Scene or to post on it.  I connect with all of you virtually via Facebook and Twitter, which is access through my computer (and iPhone, but mostly computer).  I store all videos and photos and flyers and music.  Basically, it’s my tool to provide you this amazing free service that’s called…. The Coachella Valley Art Scene.


Being a bootleg blogger by having to borrow computers is not the business.


If you have the means to help raise a little money so I can get a new computer (diagnosed: dead as a doorknob), please do.  It will be so appreciated.

All information on how to help is below:



Information on how to help raise money towards a new computer for The Coachella Valley Art Scene!:

At this moment, Paypal is my best friend!!

There are two ways you can help donate:

Either sign on to Facebook and donate through my online Fundrazr by clicking here:

Or link up directly with my Paypal Account.  My PaylPal information is linked directly with my email address:


Again, big thank you to everyone who can help me raise money for my blog’s computer.  Because I choose to not sell advertisements on my website I am a tad bit broke, and I choose to do that so the content on here is super fresh for you all.  So, I’m hoping all you loyal readers wouldn’t mind giving a little back to your favorite blogger of all time (jk, but I’d like to think it be true).


Thanks in advanced and I will take a photo of my new laptop once I get it!


Until then…. it’s the public library and borrowing my brother’s old computer for me! (not cute)


Here is the Facebook Fundrazr link once again: