It’s 4 weeks till the Big 4, 3 weeks till Coachella.

It’s 2 weeks till the White Party, this week is Fashion Week.

Dates and numbers, times and weeks, have never really been my thing.  Planning?!?!  Calendars?!?! Schedules?!?! Oh my!

However, with so much going on in the Coachella Valley these days, one can most definitely live in the moment.  All you have to do is pay a visit to The Coachella Valley Art Scene or your Facebook’s event invites and you will see an overwhelming list of fun and interesting activities…. for people our age.  It’s amazing.  It’s so exciting.  It’s everything we over here have been aiming for and working hard towards since the first day we started this blog almost 3 years ago.

So, let’s stop jabbering and get to blogging…


1.  No Sleep till Coachella! Forget Brooklyn, it’s all about Coachella.  It’s a cutthroat world out there…. the Coachella ticket world.  If you selpt on the opportunity to get yours then now you are probably super scrambling to come up on something somewhere from someone semi-legit.  This week we talk with people who have been to Coachella over the years and what their experiences has been.  So fun!


2.  A Passion for Fashion. This week is Fashion Week in the desert and instead of inviting you to parties that maybe you don’t have the right outfit to or the big dolla$ to spend, we hook you up with links to watch the whole thing from home on the cheap, in your seat.  Front row, baby!!


3.  SWAG: Alf Alpha x Epidemic debut their collabo sunglasses. Speaking of Fashion Week…. street fashion lives on in the Coachella Valley.  In celebration of fashion week… okay, you caught me in a lie, in coincidence with fashion week… Alf Alpha and Epidemic Skateshop debut a brand new pair of Alf Alpha sunglasses to sport at Coachella for only $5.00!!!!  Sweet!!!! You really can’t complain about a $5.00 pair of sunglasses.  You can pick up the sunglasses either at Epidemic Skateboard Shop or at The Coachella Valley Art Scene X Alf Alpha’s monthly party at the Ace Hotel… World Famous.


4.  The Coachella Valley Art Scene X Alf Alpha’s monthly party World Famous… this Saturday!!  It’s the last Saturday of the month so you know what that means!!!… WORLD FAMOUS!!  The monthly party held by The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha ta the Ace Hotel.  The event is always free and always features a lovely craft table for all to make a piece of art/memorabilia for free.  It’s an amazing party is I do say so myself.  Come see Alf Alpha perform right before he rocks the stage at Coachella!!!


5.  Icelandic Electro Pop in Palm Springs. I never thought the day would come… the cold meets the hot, the hot melts the heart of the cold.  This Wednesday the Icelandic Electro Pop group, Bloodgroup, perform at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room for FREE.  We are super hype on this…. and you should be too, it’s going to be gnarly.  We gotta show these kids what the desert is all about… make ’em warm and cozy.


6.  Explorations of the Desert: Paintings from the Pool. Speaking of Ace Hotel, an oil painting artist that goes by the name of Samantha French recently released a series of oil paintings that she took while exploring the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs.  They are so beautiful and stunning that I had to share with you all.


7.  Commercial Break:  Transitional Times. The Coachella Valley is in the heat of an transitional period right now.  Going from a very dull place, to a lively, hip, place.  Riding the wave?  Or are you scared of it?


8.  Desert Rock Series at the IPAC. 12 bands, 3 stages.  It’s the grand finale of the Desert Rock Series at the IPAC this Saturday.  Gram Rabbit (we love you) and Evaro (we love you too) will be headlining this amazing community event.  More info coming up later this week.


9.  Cinematheque. Yet another Thursday filled with rich film cultural enrichment provided by the Ace Hotel.  This week they will be screening Darwin’s Nightmare and American Casino.  Make sure to be there, or be square.


10.  Randoms. You never know what we might find out there on the world wide web that might interest you.  Just gotta keep those eyes peeled on your computer screen at all times, kids!!  Just kidding, we would never recommend that.


11.  Things 2 Do Thursday.  The post that keeps on posting!  Every Thursday you know what it is on the CVAS….. party time!!