Remember the days when we used to have a way better view of the Dinosaurs off of the I-10?  Now, fast food joints block the immaculate view of those kitchy phenomenons.  I really hope one day those Dinosaurs come to life and just completely demolish those buildings.  Then, they would make their way down to the Low Desert and pick me up.  Give me a ride to Indio.  We’d mob to Coachella Fest together and I’d definitely have the best view.


I guess I’m just getting caught up in day dreaming.  Probably shouldn’t do that while blogging.  Blame it on that dream catcher.




Sorry it’s so small.  I couldn’t find a bigger one.  Anyways, open mic at College of the Desert’s Mark Art Gallery… get down there now or forever hold your breath!

It’s the Twin’s birthday.  Not only do you get double the trouble, but you also get some of the desert’s most widely known DJ’s up in the mix for a lie scratch session.  Can someone please bring a video camera because history is about to get made.  And someone’s gonna get pregnant!



The Hood – can front on that it’s a chill place with good pizza.  And on top of that… Sol Jah Rock up in the building.

Light For Fire play a live set in the Amigo Room inside the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs at 9:30pm.  Check ’em out!




Start your Saturday off with good vibes poolside at the Ace Hotel with DJ Journee.  Roots, culture and music lovers will all be there.

Then, after you soak up rays and marinate in booze all day, crawl your way onto the dance floor and party with DJ Alf Alpha (who is playing at Coachella on Saturday!!) and The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  We love to party and know how to throw a good one.  World Famous brings out an ultra special FREE crafts table to invite all the local artists to make something special together in a casual setting.  Plus, this month’s special feature is the debut of the Alf Alpha x Epidemic Skate Shops sunglasses.  Only $5 each so get those bills out baby!!

Just in case my flyer is too small print or something… here is Ace’s flyer of the same party.  They’re hype.  We’re hype.  The internet’s hype.  Haha jk jk.

12 bands, 3 stages, record swaps, Indio Performing Arts Center.  This is the last in the series and Gram Rabbit and Evaro are going to be headlining amongst many others.  Need I say more??  Gonna be a good one.

I’m down for spiritual awakenings.  I’m down for raves.  And I’m definitely down for parties that don’t give addresses and are only accessible via a phone call.  Word!




Every last Sunday, The Flashdance throws a party with us called Thank God It’sSunday. It’s for everyone, but especially in honor of our friends in the service and hospitality industry, replete with amazing music, cheap rooms and special drinks. Hip hop, rock, pop, soul and more to make you shake your ass every last Sunday in the Amigo Room.


* * * * *


Thank you all for spending another week with me here on the Coachella valley Art Scene.  I really do love and appreciate every view, hit, Facebook Like, Facebook comment, etc etc etc… it’s fuel to my fire.  Without all of you reading, I wouldn’t have anyone to share my thoughts and passion with.  So, thank you.  If you are interested in being apart of the CVAS team… hit me up!!! It’s a one-woman operation and I’m always looking for help!  Holler at Sarah –