Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

These next 5 weekends in the desert will make us or break us.  And since we all know they are going to be bangin’, let’s just assume on an educated assumption that they are going to make us.

This weekend coming up – Dinah Shore, followed by the White party, followed by Coachella Fest, followed by The Big 4, followed by Stagecoach.  So many different scenes coming through the Coachella Valley in a matter of a month and a half.  That is amazing and exciting news!

So, let’s get it started:


1.  World Famous Party Recap. Thank you to everyone who made it out and partied with us!!  We had another amazing time.  Not only did people groove to Alf Alpha’s tunes, but people also made art with one another and got to socialize and network in a cool environment.  Oh, and some people even swooped up on the Alf Alpha x Epidemic Sunglasses.  Photos and videos and text coming to a blog post near you.


2.  Coachella Guide: Cheap Night Eats. This Coachella guide I’m compiling is primarily for Coachella concert goers – being that I am a Coachella goer through and through, but… Dinah Shore, White Party, Big 4 and Stagecoach people are more then welcomed and encouraged to the information.  It applies to any and all people who are on somewhat of a budget who are looking for a few good recommendations by a trusted friend.  That friend would be me – even if I am just your virtual friend… that counts for something – riiiight?  Cheap night eats are just a few recommendations of where to eat late lunch or dinner – although, you should be at the festival at that time – but whatevs.


3.  Coachella Guide: Bars. Dive, classy, trashy, smashing… I love ’em all. The concerts all end pretty early, and sometimes you just want a nice cold one without all the mumbo-jumbo LA parties.  Where’s a good dive?  Where’s some horribly good karaoke?  We point you in the right direction.


4.  Coachella Guide: Midnight Munchies. There aren’t that many 24 hour spots in the Coachella Valley – however, we have compiled a list of all the independently owned places (this is excluding McDonald’s, Del Taco, Carl’s Jr. etc etc etc).  Thank me later.


5.  Coachella Guide: Places to Shop. Forgot your sunglasses?  Shirt got ripped off the night before?  Lost your shoes??  Need a souvenir?  We give you a list of all of our favorite places to shop locally, no need to go to Target or WalMart.  The Coachella Valley is home to really cool people who own their own businesses.  Keep the $$ in the community.


6.  Coachella Guide: Places to Go After it’s All Over. Concert over?  Don’t go home.  The best thing you could possibly do for yourself is decompress and hang out in the desert a couple days after .  Trust us.  There are soooooo many cool places to go in the desert I could never list them all – but I do give you a heads up.  Make sure to check this one out.


7.  Cinematheque. This Thursday, just like every Thursday – free classic film being screened for free at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  Film nerds – UNITE!!


8.  Explorations of the Desert: A Trip to the East. This past weekend my friends and I went to Salvation Mountain, Bombay Beach and Slab City.  We have some great photos to show you.


9.  Commercial Break: In Search of Sean. Sean Burford is awesome.  He goes out on little excursions in the desert and documents his experience in beautiful, artistic ways.  Stay tuned in for this one.  I am a big fan – and you soon will be too.


10.  Coachella Testimonials. Starting this week we release some really great Coachella Testimonials from locals who love attending the concert this year and what they are looking forward to this time around.  The stories are toooooooo good.  Haha!!


11.  Randoms. I am in a bit of a hurry so I know I am leaving some stuff out – so make sure to keep an eye and ear out of some other hot topixxx that might come up here on the CVAS!


12.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. You know what it is – party time!!!  It’s time to socialize.  Get off that computer and get out there – it’s a beautiful world.