Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!!!

Excuse us if we are a little behind.  As many or maybe none of you know, The Coachella Valley Art Scene organizes a large scale interactive art installation at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival called the Coachella Art Studios.  It takes so much work organizing it, creating special materials/objects for it, and just managing it that we often have very little time to even blog!  Next week we will be breaking it down exactly what the Coachella Art Studios are, who is all involved, and where to find us at the music festival once you are out there.

So…. getting that cleared up and out of the way…. here we are about a week before Coachella and we are just a tad bit stressed out and over worked!  However, the show must go on!

The blog must keep rolling and the info must still be shared with everyone out there.  We are keeping these next two weeks here on the blog very light… but informative all at teh same time.


1.  The Coachella Art Studios. The Coachella Valley Art Scene organizes a large scale art installation at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival called the Coachella Art Studios.  This will actually be our 3rd year being featured at the festival!  And as you know… third time is always the charm.  This year we are really putting all of our energy into creating the best product and piece of work that we can possibly do.   And the way we do this is by getting them people on our team as possible.  All the people on our team are from the Coachella Valley, are young, and are amazing artists.  To say that the locals aren’t involved in the festival is to not know about the Coachella Art Studios!!!  So, get educated this week and next week!!!!  website: www.coachellaartstudios.com


2.  Coachella Guides. Have you been keeping up with our Coachella Guides?  We have published a Coachella Guide for: Bars, Thrift Stores, Places to Go After It’s All Said and Done, Places to Shop, Breakfast Spots, and many more.  Make sure to read up on these places if you are from out of town and are a little confused as to where to go.  We only feature businesses that we actually go to and that are indepently owned!  It’s all about supporting the local economy.


3.  The Hue Fest. The kids of the real Coachella (the city, not the festival) are throwinga  musical festival that I am personally VERY excited about!!!  I am so hype to hear that it’s the kids of Coachella who have been organizing the show, designing the art installations, and handing the logistics to this event thsi saturday.  It’s so amazing to see youth empowered and i am glad that teh East end of the Valley finally gets some shine of their own.  Power to the people!!! Interview, full descriptions and much more tomorrow on the blog!!!  Can’t wait to share with you all about Hue Fest.


4.  Tell Us: Coachella Fest Testimonials. We will be featuring a couple testimonials from local desert kids who have been going to Coachella Fest for a couple years now.  What makes Coachella so fun is that each and every person has a copletely different experience from the next, and each story is entertaining.  We will be featuring some of our personal favorites.


5. Art Shows a Go Go. Yes, the White Party is going on and yes, Coachella Fest is next weekend, but there are many art shows going on this weekend as well.  We list ’em and recommend ’em to ya in our Art Shows a Go Go feature this week.


6.  Randoms. Life is moving so fast right now, hard to actually plan out what’s all really going to go down on the Coachella Valley ARt Scene for thsi week at the moment – but we try.  Bare with us (as this is a one woman operation), and stay tuned in as you never know what will pop up next!


7.  Things 2 Do Thursdays! Party time!!!!!!!! Pre-Coachella parties all weekend long for the locals!  Woop woop!!  Things 2 Do Thursdays is a pots that has been going down on a weekly basis here on the Coachella Valley ARt Scene for about 3 years now – the party doesn’t stop.  We like to help promote local venues, that feature local artists, who are booked by local promoters who bring in their local music and art fans!  That’s what’s up.