Am I here?  Did I survive?  What’s going on?  Why is it so bright out?  What’s with this wind?….

This is what my Post-Coachella Meltdown sounds like.


I know yours has to sound a little similar.  Right?

Anyways, we survived Coachella!!!!  Yay!!!

Our art installation at Coachella was a huge success and we were right by Alf Alpha’s side at every one of his sets (yes, hey played about 4 times on the Polo Fields) throughout the entire weekend.  The Coachella Valley kids were definitely in the house and were repping hard.

This week we are taking it a bit slow, since we are still in “recovery mode”.  So, please bare with us.  However, since we know you guys (or at least all of you College of the Desert peeps) are on Spring Break we felt bad not providing you with any info.  Below is what we dug for on the Internet these past two days.

Please do enjoy!!


1.  A Mini Coachella Recap. I am still digging through Facebook photo albums to find the good stuff, and it will probably take me weeks and weeks of searching to find it all, but in the meantime I am happy to provide you with some teaser pictures to assure you that The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Coachella Art Studios and Alf Alpha were rockin’ all weekend long at Coachella Fest!  In the meantime, visit:!!


2.  The CVAS gets INTERVIEWED by Kimberly Nichols of The Desert Sun! Yay!!  Gotta be the first to say, even though I am a blogger, I get extra hype when I see myself featured in the Desert Sun or another print publication.  I guess it’s because I have been reading the Desert Sun since I was in 6th grade.  I would have breakfast and read the newspaper every morning.  Okay, so mmmaaayyyybbee I was reading my horoscope, but I was also redaing other parts of the newspaper too.  Bottom line is, it’s always nice to get interviewed by people you have always admired!  Links and photos in just a bit!


3.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous: 420 Special. Before I even posted my Week Forecast this week I posted a 420 Special of Wednesday night Rendezvous.  This is because, well, I know how important 4/20 is to all my viewers.  Plus, there were two really awesome events going on that night and I couldn’t help but share the info.


4.  Art Shows a Go Go. From the High Desert to the Low Dezart, there are not only visual art shows, but theatrical performances going on all weekend long for very affordable prices.  There’s really no better way to spend your Spring Break then maxin’ and relaxin’ in the desert’s best art galleries, right?  Or, at least that’s how I do it up!


5.  Earth Day this Saturday! Everyday is Earth day, but once a year we celebrate Mother Earth and all her beauty.  This year the Coachella Valley is showing their respects via film, community gatherings, art shows and much more.  Make sure to see what’s going down around town this Saturday.


6.  The Big 4!!!!! Speaking of Saturday…. I am so hyped for the Big 4!!!  Who else is going to the super duper epic concert at the Polo Field this Saturday!?!  I will be there, not Twittering live, but enjoying the show and living in it’s glory for every minute I’m there.  I will, however, post a recap afterwards for all my buddies who missed it.  F YEAH!!!


7.  Explorations of the Desert: Odd Shades. This edition of Explorations of the Desert is all about desert swag, and swaging out the swaggiest of them all… Odd Future… with some Alf Alpha x Epidemic sunglasses.  Peep game of the Odd Future kids rocking the sunglasses at Coachella.  I got hype.


8.  Randoms. Who knows what I might find, what I might not find.  What I might blog about, what I might not blog about.  Keep an eye and ear out!


9.  Things 2 Do Thursday. Never too late to post about all the cool, local, parties going on in and around town this weekend.  And you know how the Coachella Valley Art Scene does it…. we only like promoting shows that are put together by local promoters, feature local talent, are at local small venues, and invite local music fans!  Yay!