Just when we survived Coachella and we thought our bodies, our hearts and/or our ears couldn’t take anymore we are very wrong – The Big 4 is this weekend and you all better get ready to rock out!  Metallica, Slayer, Megadeath and Anthrax all in one night at the Polo Fields??!?!  Um, yes – duh!

I am super hype on the Big 4 and I hope a bunch of you will be joining me for a night of wearing all black throw back shirts, head banging and beer and whisky drinking.

Not only is the Big 4 going down this Saturday, but so are some really amazing local rock shows here in the desert all weekend long as well.  Make sure to look below to see who is what is where and why.

Check it out!:



Heavy Metal, Rock N Roll… why not throw in some Psychedelic Rock?  Up the hill and around the corner will be a psychedelic rock show at Pappy and Harriet’s featuring the well known, Strangers Family Band, and an upcoming desert band, War Drum.  Always a wild ride in Pioneertown…

Battle of the Bands show at Space 120.  Looks like there are 5 bands… so don’t be the odd man out.

Every Thursday night here in the desert DJ Day does his thing on the two turntables.  Tonight is no exception.  Rumor has it that some celeb DJs might roll through?  Someone starting with a Z? Someone staring with an A?  A to Z?  All of them?  Guess you just gotta go to find out.




In preparation and in celebration of Saturday night…. the official locals pre-party will be at the Oasis Bar in Thousand Palms!  Come rock out with the gnarliest of the gnarliest of the dirtiest in the dirtiest D.

If you feel like dipping out of town, make sure to head on up to Pomona where you can party like a true rock star on the rooftop of the Fox Pomona Theater with our favorite DJ Alf Alpha and my homeboys over at the East of LA blog.  This paryt reaches maxium capacity at midnight… so get there early and dont say I didn’t warn you!!  Bring your dancing shoes.




Sssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hype.  Look for me, in a ripped up Metallica shirt with long hair bang my head back and forth.

OOooo now this sounds petty freaking amazing as well!  There are so many things on this flyer that I love I can barely control myself.  This will definitely be worth the visit up to the Integratron.




One of my favorite upcoming bands from the desert, Blackstrap Molasses, will be opening up for Rumspringa this Monday in Los Angeles.  Take a trip out of the desert, or if you’re in LA, get out of your appartment and come support some desert kids!!!



* * *

Thank you all for spending another week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!!  We appreciate all the support and patience!  We have been really busy with Coachella Fest, but are excited to get back on the grind for you guys.  The Coachella Valley Art Scene is my passion that I am happy to share with a