Welcome back to another week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene.

We appreciate all the patience and slack you guys have been giving us!  And yeah, we will be the first to admit that we have been slacking it in the blog-o-sphere.  But(!!), we have been living in up in the real-world-o-sphere… and sometimes you can’t do both without slacking in another – I am sure you understand.  Right?!

Well, after attending doing a big art installation at Coachella Fest, recuperating, and then celebrating a speedy recovery by attending the big 4 (which was SO AWESOME) we are back on the grind!  This week we are really getting back into the groove of things as we are throwing another World Famous party, interviewing Alf Alpha about Coachella and even getting a chance to hear from future filmmakers of the Coachella Valley (via the Palm Springs Student Short Film Fest).  We are not just getting back to work, but actually really working.

My favorite thing to do is interview interesting people and this week we do what we love most!

So please do enjoy…


1.  WORLD FAMOUS! Yes!!!! The time has come!! The best party in Southern California (in my opinion) is going down this Saturday at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs!  The party is hosted by The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha.  The Coachella Valley Art Scene brings the crafts and Alf Alpha brings the dance tunes.  It’s such a good time, it would be a shame if you missed it.  If you missed Alf Alpha in the Sahara + Oasis Dome at Coachella, or The Coachella Valley Art Scene at the Coachella Art Studios in the campgrounds, then now is your chance for an intimate experience with us.  Don’t think dirty – think creatively…. duh.  This Saturday!  More details in a bit!


2.  INTERVIEW: Alf Alpha. Speaking of Alf Alpha… we are finally interviewing him!!! We decided to wait until Coachella was over to recap his experience… and man oh man did he have an experience.  Not only did Alf Alpha rock the Sahara tent, but he also rocked the Oasis Dome, the Coachella Art Studios art installation, and the Roller Rink!!!  All together, the young man racked up about 12 hours of DJing at Coachella…. on the Polo Field premises.  How many other people can say they did that?  Not many. And if that’s not repping the Coachella Valley …. then I don’t know what is!  more to come in a bit.


3.  The Palm Springs Student Short Film Festival. We are so excited about this!  Not only does this film festival feature the up and coming filmmakers from all across the Coachella Valley, but the festival is free to attend!  A win-win situation!  This week we are interviewing some of the film makers and they will be sharing with us what their films are about, the inspiration behind their masterpiece and their future goals.  Plus, all the info about the film festival.


4.  A Mini Coachella Recap. Sorry about not getting this in last week!  Slacking!  I know… I know… but no longer – this week we are making ourselves do it – no matter what.  We just drank like 3 espresso shots and are in the mood to plow through photos and videos for you.  So get ready!  We share with you the Coachella Art Studios (our work at Coachella fest) and Alf Alpha’s sets (another Coachella Valley native and CVAS blog supporter since day 1).  Oh, and we will be throwing in some Big 4 pictures into the mix as well.


5.  Sunday = FREEday = Funday at the Palm Springs Art Museum. On Saturday night there is no better place to be in the world other than at the Ace Hotel for Alf Alpha and my monthly party, World Famous.  Then, next morning, you wake up and are a little hung over from free arts, craft, beer, booze and dancing all night…. best hangover remedy??  The Palm Springs Art Museum!  Every Sunday it’s free to attend!  Yes, the doors are wide open – so go take advantage of it!


6.  Desert Sun/Indio Feature! We also forgot to post the lovely interview between the Coachella Valley Art Scene and Kimberly Nichols of the Desert Sun last week…. however, have no fear…. the interview is near.


7.  Randoms. This might mean we will do a Commercial Break, this might mean we will do an Explorations of the Desert, this also might mean we will do none or all of the above!  Life is so confusing in the blog-o-sphere!!!


8.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Okay, so yeah we are really hype to see you all on Saturday at World Famous… but we are also hype on a bunch of other events going on over the course of this weekend that not only feature local artists, but are organized by local promoters, at local venues that invite all the local music fans – YOU!