Hello, there!  Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

How did you guys enjoy your weekend?  You know, the last weekend of decent weather?  Yeah, we can kiss those temperatures goodbye.  We can also say fair well to the festival season… the Goldenvoice one, the one that swags us all out for the good month of April.

This week we welcome the heat… the desert heat.  What makes the desert… the desert.  What makes the people of the desert… desert people.  You know that quirkiness.  That intensity?  That sweat dripping from your back after driving aroun din your un-air-conditioned car?…. or, is that just me?

Anyways, it’s a week without glam, a week not for the meek – but a week for you/us…



1.  World Famous Party Recap. Wow!  So, first and foremost I want to thank everyone who came out to the event!  And secondly, I want to say that it was the biggest turnout we have seen yet.  In fact, every month it seems to get bigger and better!  We love it!  Who wants to vote on having 2 craft tables out instead of one???  I think it’s time to maximize!  Photos, text, and video coming soon!


2.  Native Plants… do you know how to use them? I just saw Into the Wild a couple nights ago.  I get so emotional watching that movie.  It makes me think about life in more ways then one.  Anyways, about 2 days after Into the Wild I was looking through The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Facebook invites and came across a Uses of Native Plants course in Morongo Valley this weekend.  I thought… how resourceful/neccesary/ironic/awesome.  So, I am sharing with you something that I think we should all know a little about – desert native plants!!! More info coming to a blog near you soon.


3.  Live Theater: Comedy. I love the new abundance of Open Mics and Stand Up Comedy nights are blooming in the desert lately!  It’s grand!  This week we are not cut shy of comedy, in fact, we have a nice lineup.  Make sure to laugh off the heat – it’s extra good for you.


4.  Explorations of the Desert. Nothing like the warmth of the desert.  To celebrate the summer I send you some of the best pictures I have found of summer time in the ‘Dirty D’.  Warm and fuzzy.


5.  Sounds of the Desert: Summer Jams Part 1. Summer isn’t my favorite season so-to-speak, but it is my favorite time for albums to drop, that’s for sure.  This summer is already starting off to a bunch of album drops from people in the desert… this week we share with you some summer albums from some of our Hip Hop homies from around the way.  Listen in this week!


6.  Social Networkz. I am probably following you if you are reading this – are you following me?  On Facebook?  On Twitter?  On Youtube?  On Tumblr?  On Flickr?  On all of the above?  On none of the above?  Death from above??


7. Student Scholarship Exhibition at the Marks Art center (located inside College of the Desert) featuring The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha. Get ready!!!!!!  Next Wednesday The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha are coming to town and we are going to swag out the College of the Desert’s Student Scholarship Exhibition!!!  Alf Alpha will be DJing and I (The Coachella Valley Art Scene) will be bringing my craft table for you all to get down on some amazing crafts… for free!  Come one, come all – just come.  early show… 5pm – 7pm.  Be there or be square!


8.  Joshua Tree Music Festival. Next weekend – are you ready??  I am.  This week we give you a little sneak peak of what’s to come from the High Desert.


9.  College of the Desert Radio.  This is the next best thing to sliced bread in my life right now!  Not only can you listen to the College of the Desert over the radio – but also on livestream!  Gotta love it.  I feel like it’s been years coming for this moment – happy it’s happening now.  Word.


10.  Randoms. Oh you never know what you will find on the internet.  Things change at the blink of an eye… the click of a key… the push of a post…  :::sigh:::


11.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. The number one party post of the desert that has been steady postin’ for about 3 years now!!!  Haaaayyyy!!! party don’t stop – especially not in the desert!