It’s Cinco de Mayo!

Why even bother writing anything clever?  You got tequilla on your mind.

Or, wait – is that just me?..



THURSDAY NIGHT / Cinco de Mayo:

Cool Chris holding down the two turntables with DJ Day and Aimlo.  You know the drill – get trill.

Speaking of trill…. Curen$$y show at Space 120 tonight!

The 760 Club Pushaz present Glow Night at the Dillion Roadhouse.  Ladies get in Free all night with glow sticks – so ladies, don’t forget them glow sticks or you’ll be paying a hefty fine!!

If you’re traveling up to Los Angeles, or if you’re already in Los Angeles, then do the coolest thing in Los Angeles and go to the Coachella Valley’s fav psych band, War Drum’s show at the Silverlake Lounge.






Kick the night off with a lil’ comedy.  Feels too to laugh at yourself (and others) sometimes.

Yes, this IS a Date Shed flyer!!!! Whoo hooo!!! Thank you Kylie Knight from taking us away from the norm.  This show looks and sounds and feels and even smells awesome.


Is it just me or is this flyer amazing?  Personally, I love it.  Waste Management has been a band I’ve been following for some time now and they are really holding it down for the punk scene, so go swag ’em out!

Missed War Drum’s show in LA cuz you were too buzzin on Cinco de Drinko?  Have no fear, the boys are playing near.  This show is expected to be all kinds of crazy.

Mecca is a rave that not only features a ton of artists and musical acts from out of the Coachella valley, BUT, they also are famous for featuring many musical artists that are FROM the Coachella Valley.  Cool shit.  Go visit.





Alf Alpha (who just finished rocking about 3 different stages at Coachella Fest) will now be pleying his favorite Funky Disco and House Beats at the newest, coolest spot in Palm Springs… Birba.  I am such a fan of not just Alf Alpha (duh), but also Birba (they have an amazing spicy Margarita and pizza!).  So, come on out and boogie down with your favorite blogger.

The epic-ness of Mecca continues for night #2…..

The Date Shed offers a place to rave it at if you are too scared to travel to the unknown… aka Mecca.




The epic-ness of Mecca continues on for a third day….




OMG – it’s a dance off!!! For realz, for realz!!!  The New York Night Train is in town and they wanna see how many minutes you can dance for… and no, we are not talking ‘New York Minutes’, we are talking ‘California Minutes’… you know, those lllloooonnnggg drawn out minutes.  How long can you last!!!

And in Indio it’s the Open Mic night!!!  Last week it was in Palm Desert and this upcoming week it is in Indio.  So, clear your throats and get ready to rumble.



* * * * *



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