This Saturday, take some time to connect and learn more about plants that are native to your desert.

As I mentioned in the Week Forecast earlier this week, I just re-watched Into the Wild the other day and was a little freaked out… I realized, being the 20-something that I am, I am way more knowledgeable about cool short-cuts on my computer’s keyboard than knowing a poisonous berry from a non-poisonous berry (aka not-so-cool shortcuts to ending your life).  Not to scare you off or anything, just… you know.. sayin’.

So, a couple days later after watching the film when I stumbled upon this event, Uses of Desert Native Plants, while roaming the wild Internet and I took it as a personal sign from Sean Penn.  I felt as if it was my duty to not only educate myself, but all of the CVAS readers as well!

Make sure to check it out and give it some thought.  Okay scratch that, watch Into the Wild, then come back on your computer, read this post, and tthheenn give it some thought!  You’ll see what I mean.

Oh, and while you are up in Morongo Valley, make sure to check out the new skatepark up there and also the Cactus Mart!!  My grandparents own the Cactus Mart and it is AWSOME!!!  (more details below)







Robin Kobaly – Botanist, Founder and President of The Power of Plants,
and Executive Director of The SummerTree Institute

They’re growing all around you…hardy and helpful wild desert plants that can add richness to your kitchen, your medicine chest, your home, and your garden, as well as enhancing the lives of your neighborhood wildlife.

This three-hour class offers a fascinating look at ancient and tribal uses of desert medicinal and food plants, and presents ways to adapt those uses to fit today’s needs. Find out why these powerful native plants’ survival strategies make them so useful to us today. Explore which native food and healing plants can be used successfully, and explore the many other benefits of growing these amazing herbal remedies, edible oddities, and utilitarian providers. Class includes demonstrations and samples, plus tips on identifying and harvesting native plant species.

It’s fun learning how our native desert plants can serve as food, beverages, art, utensils, and healing remedies for humans.

$25 tax deductible donation for each class.
Spaces limited – RSVP required. To reserve your space,
or for more information about this Spring Fundraising event,
call The SummerTree Institute at (760) 363-7229

or call The Power of Plants at (760) 363-1166

or email



Vital Info:


Who: The Power of Plants + You

What: Uses of Desert Native Plants class

When: Saturday, May 7, 2011


Time: 12:30 – 3:30 pm
Where: Covington Park Community Center
11165 Vale Drive, Morongo Valley, CA
Cost: $25 tax-refundable donation





And, since you’ll be in Morongo Valley….

make sure to stop by the

Cactus Mart!!!


The Cactus Mart is soooo awesome.  It has about 4 greenhouses full of native plants to the desert for you to marvel at.  Seriously, an amazing place.  Make sure to mention that The Coachella Valley Art Scene sent you and my Grandma and Grandpa will give you a special tour and introduce you to the chickens, the fish, the birds, the cats, and the dog!

some pics I took on my phone last time I was there

Cactus Mart

49889 29 Palms Hwy
(Highway 62)

Morongo Valley, CA 92256