This FRIDAY Night!


Come party with some scuzzy punxx!!


Some of the desert’s best rock bands and Alf Alpha are coming together for a night of utter… and complete… raging!!!

I know I am personally very amped for this show.  Not only is it going to be a gathering of good friends, good spirits, and amazing music, but it also all going down in Desert Hot Springs…. my hometown, better known as, “No Man’s Land”.  Anything goes in DHS, and we all know that…

So, if you’re down to “Shurp it to the most” as Michael Durazo (lead singer of Slipping Into Darkness) says it best… then be there!! Or forever be a square!


** (get your SUPER EXCLUSIVE Coachella Valley Art Scene stickers at the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Details on directions to the Location and about the musicians featured below:





Alf Alpha

(Palm Desert, CA) (blog)

Facebook Fan Page


Listen to one of his produced tracks and one of his LIVE DJ sets here:

Rain produced by Alf Alpha by Alf Alpha

DJ Alf Alpha -Live at Ace Hotel & Coachella Valley Art Scene’s World Famous Monthly Dance Party by Alf Alpha




Slipping Into Darkness

(Desert Hot Springs, CA)

Facebook Fan/Listening Page



Blackstrap Molasses

(Indio, CA)



The Vital Show Details:

WHO: Alf ALpha, Slipping Into Darkness, Blackstrap Molasses and Cheese

WHAT: An amazingly skuzzy punk show featuring some of the desert’s best rock n roll

WHERE: Dillion’s Roadhouse in Desert Hot Springs, CA

WHEN: Friday, May 20th from 9:00pm – 2:00am

PRICE: $5.00

AGE: 18 & up

WHY: Cuz it’s fun to party with skuzzy punks and the Coachella Valley Art Scene… duh