Welcome back to another day on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

It’s…. umm…. COLD outside.


I have a sweater on right now.  It’s about 65 degrees outside.  Is this really happening??  Where am I?  I feel like the Youtube kid who is coming back from his dental appointment… so distraught, but kind of going with it.

I never thought I’d say this… but… I need my WARMTH!  Give me my SUN!!  Give me my comfy 90 degree temperatures!!!!

Can anyone hear me out there??…. Do the weather Gods read my blog?  Let’s hope so.


All joking aside… it really is cold outside!!  For reals.  This, of course, has got not just us over here at The Coachella Valley all in a flutter, but the rest of the valley as well.  This week, as we adapt to these new weather temperatures, things in the events world slow down a bit, but the music keeps on marching in…


This week on the blog, expect to see:


1.  Memorial Day Weekend with The Coachella Valley Art Scene. So, for Memorial Day Weekend we are betting on clear skies and high temperatures, the smell of sunblock and chlorine, sun burns and tan lines.  And there is no better place to live it up rather than at Ace Hotel.  All weekend long, and yes… ALL WEEKEND long The Coachella Valley Art Scene will be hanging at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  On Saturday & Sunday afternoon we will be crafting poolside from 11:00am-3:00pm.  Saturday night will be WORLD FAMOUS  with Alf Alpha (!!!!! it’s going to be a rager!!!!!) and on Sunday evening we will be supporting all of our friends at the Silent Art Auction for the AIDS/Lifecycle Fundraiser.  So, make sure to make plans to come on out and celebrate with your favorite blogbots!


2.  Sounds of the Desert: The Monopoly (an Intro and Interview conducted by Andy Lara).  We are so excited to bring you another Sounds of the Desert feature.  This week, we introduce The Monolpoly, by way of Andy Lara.  Andy Lara is a local musician and socialite (jk on the socialite part, kinda) from Indio.  Andy took the time to interview his friends/fellow musicians for the blog and we are hype on it!  Not only are we featuring the interview between the two musicians, but we are also linking you guys up with free downloads and all that.  Wednesday mornings never sounded so good, huh!?!


3.  Art Shows a Go Go. This week, art gallery openings are few and far between, however, there are a few that we are really fond of.  We will list the who, what, when, and where later today or tomorrow.  Keep an eye out.


4.  Skuzzy Punx. The desert is home to many different art “scenes”, and one of the most entertaining is the skuzzy punk scene, in my opinion that is.  This Friday there is going to be a ridiculously skuzzy, epic, gnarly punk show at the Dillion Roadhouse in Desert Hot Springs and we want to invite all you guys to it.  We promise you’ll hear nothing but the best in desert rock n roll, but we can’t promise you that you won’t get a bottle broken over your head.  Just sayin’.  No but really, this show is going to be really awesome and if you are brave enough you should come and shake your Friday night life up a bit.


5.  Advertisements. So, guess what guys… The Coachella Valley Art Scene is soon to be featuring advertisements on the blog!!!  Yay!!! Don’t worry – we aren’t like – gonna sell out and start talking about super random stuff or anything like that… we are still keeping “it real”, but now we are allowing advretisements that will not only promote local businesses/artists, but also help fund The Coachella Valley Art Scene!!!  Once we have good funding, we can put on more art shows, music events, make collaborative products (like tshirts and zines with local artists) and much more!  So, if you are a business and you are redaing this and are interested in advertising on our blog, please email Sarah at thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com.  Thanks!


6.  Explorations of the Desert: .GIFS.  I love .gifs.  Do you?  I do!  Wait till you see my collection of “desert themed .gifs”… your Tumblr is going to be so jelous of mine!


7.  Fine Arts Creativity Awards Exhibition. Time-is-a-tickin’!  Make sure to hurry on down to the Palm Springs Art Museum to check out  the student art showcase featuring works from 11 Coachella Valley high school and College of the Desert students.  The exhibition is themed around the concept of Fantasy / Reality… so don’t get caught sleepin’ and miss out!!  Show ends May 22nd, but we will make sure you get all the details about it later this week.


8.  Randoms. Who knows who/what will reveal themselves on the internet this week.  We don’t even know.  Sometimes stuff comes to us last minute and it’s so awesomely compelling that we feel the need to share with you guys right away.  So – keep an eye out!!


9.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. One thing is for sure – the music scene in the desert is alive and well!!! No doubt about that.  Starting on Thursday and into the weekend nights, it’s amazing to see the scene flourish.  Every night there is good music being featured an independent venue and it’s beautiful!  I’ve never seen the nightlife like how it is now… and I couldn’t be prouder of you guys.