artwork by Carlos Munoz



This wonderful .GIF (also can be referred to as a gift, in this particular case) has been provided by a local artist, and friend of mine, Carlos Munoz.

Carlos Munoz, amongst others, will be one of the many upon many artists that will be featured in the new and upcoming… highly anticipated… never done before…. Online Gallery / Shop of The Coachella Valley Art Scene!!!  Yes, we will be releasing an online gallery very soon, ready for all of you to support your local artist via purchasing their work … within the next few weeks!!  All featured works will be from Coachella Valley artists and all proceeds will be divided between the artist and The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  I’ll let that marinate in your brain for a bit… more details on the online shop coming soon.

With all that being said… there is much to look forward to here on the forever evolving, The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog… here are a list of places where you can get your instant gratification from this weekend:






DJ Day and Aimlo have been holding it down for a minute!  Don’t act like you don’t know!…





RAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This party is going to be a LITTLE TOO MUCH FUN.  But, is that even possible??  Come by to get your freshly made Coachella Valley Art Scene stickers!!  I’ll be there passing them out.

Hip Hop heads from around 760 know who DJ ODC is, BUT! did you know that he is spinning at the Ace Hotel on Friday Night?!?!  If you don’t know… now you know…

I saw this flyer on the internet and just thought it was so awesome, had to share it with everyone.

IPAC is hosting a Benefit Show featuring some old school and new school desert bands alike.  Support a good cause.






This will be the FOURTH year that Alf Alpha will rock the desert’s only AntiProm!  Put on by the ultra fabulous, Angela Kinley of Cup of Happy, this party is really a fun one.  But – it’s also an exclusive one – so don’t fill your cup up with TOOOOOO much happy.  All are encouraged to come in costume and come ready to dance because you know what up: DJALF ALPHA + Cup of Happy = PARTY TIME!!!

In Indio, War Drum headlines a show at Indio’s little hotspot, The Date Shed.  You know the drill-io!






First and foremost, let’s give a round of applause to Kylie Knight who designed this flyer!!! Job well done, girl.  You rock.  Secondly… FOLK YEAH at Pappy and Harriet’s.  Ask around.  Ask your cool/adventurous friends because I’m sure they’ve attended a Folk Yeah party at Pappy & Harriet’s before… they’ll tell ya.



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That’s a wrap!!  Thank you everyone for tuning into The Coachella Valley Art Scene!  Your continued and loyal support is inspiring!  Hopefully the new online store will continue to inspire and interest you.  Support your local artists, journalists, bloggers, and business women.  Word!  Love you guys…. let me know if there is anything I missed!!  email Sarah at thecoachellavalleyartscene @