Party Recap: Poolside Crafts

all words and photos by Sarah Scheideman of the CVAS



This past Memorial Day weekend the Coachella Valley Art Scene got booked to bring our fabulous craft installation to the Ace Hotel’s pool party.  And not only did we bring crafts, but we brought blond wigs and tons of fun with us.


Poolside Crafts by The Coachella Valley Art Scene was apart of the Ace Hotel’s Desert Days themed out weekend at the Ace.  Check it out:



We were Poolside Crafting on Saturday and Sunday from about 11am-3pm.

It was a beautiful day in Palm Springs….. a perfect day to tan, drink, craft, booze and schmooze.



We were located to the left of the pool… in the shade.




My staff and I all wore these really great blond wigs that we picked up at Party Lab before the event.  The outfits complimented Palm Spring’s kitschy feel, the flyer I made for the event, and Ace Hotel’s retroness.  Plus – we were all very curious what it feels like to be a blond for a day!




There were also some other girls that came along for the ride… they didn’t talk much, nor have arms or legs… but they enjoyed sporting our fashions and wigs all the same.  My mannequins are just as much part of my staff as my “real girls” are.  hehe



As soon as we set up the craft tables people knew exactly what to do – and got to it immediately!!!

I love watching everyone get really intense, really fast.  I guess art will do that to ya!  Using that side of your brain that you probably don’t use too much during the work week is really meditative and great for people – plus, after a few drinks it’s quite social as well.

Check out these photos of people getting down on the DIY Poolside Crafts:




One of my good friends, Jenny (long blond wig), teaches people a craft that she invented…. transforming plastic jags into jewelry, journal covers, reusable bags, anything your heart can imagine… it’s super cool!  And super easy – anyone at any age can learn.

Here’s a photo of Jenny in action:




We also passed out these super cute party favors to the visitors at the pool.  They were super cute pink flamingo cozies!!  Can’t go wrong with a float-able cozy.  We wrote on each of them, “It’s not illegal to drink and craft!” – The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  Its true.

As the day went on, soooo many people were walking away with suuuuch cute stuff.  Typically I get all caught up in the moment talking to them about what they made that I forget to snap some photos of them.  Luckily, on Sunday I was able to snap some extra cute pix of some extra cute crafters.

Check ’em out:



(love that eye patch, girl!!! and how you used the embellishment for your headband isn’t too shabby either!)



(this fan is SO awesome.  i wanted to buy it off of her to swag myself out.)




All in all, it was a true success!!!

We met some great people, made some great things, and learned lots of new stuff.  And got a tan.  A girl really can’t ask for more!…



Remember kids….


“It’s not illegal to drink and craft!!” – The Coachella Valley Art Scene Craft Division




more info on CVAS craft’s here: