Hello, and welcome back!

Glad you have returned.  It’s so great to have you here, reading what we write on the other side of the screen.  Because, simply, without you…. we would just be some weirdos that write mumbo-jumbo to nobody but ourselves and that… well, that would just be lame.  But thanks to you guys you make us not lame.  So, thanks, guys!!!

::Yawn:: ::Stretch::

Let’s get this week started….

A couple year ago in the Coachella Valley when Summer season came around there was this huge “Summer Bummer” scare that forever tainted the desert dwellers…. that there would be… Nothing to do!  Everyone would stay indoors!  Life would be miserable!  And no tourists would dare come into town to visit us!! Tradegy!!!!

Well, those days are no longer here.  Times have changed.  It’s not 120 degrees out, there are many things to do (all of them pretty cool), and Los Angelinos are still visiting Palm Springs to find their peace and serenity (and for a couple bachelorette parties haha).

Life is good in the hood.

This week, we are happy to carry on in the blogesphere with enough things to do around town to practically pull-off that it’s not Summer in the desert.  So… beat that Summer Bummer!!!



1.  Recaps of Happs from the Past: Art Shows. Recently there has been an uproar of art shows amongst the young and thriving in the Coachella Valley.  All shows have been DIY, full of life, and the pieces are pretty cheap… so why weren’t you there (yeah I’m speaking to you, the guilty one who stayed at home bored outta your mind)?  This week we give you a peak of what each show was like, and maybe, just maybe… you’ll make it out to the next one.


2.  Skuzzy Punxx: Agent Orange in DHS this Saturday. Are you ready to get skuzzy?  No, I really mean like… skuzzy skuzzy.  This Saturday an epically skuzzy punk show is going down in Desert Hot Springs and if you know what’s good for you then you will show up.  You don’t want to miss this, we’ll give you all the updates later this week.


3.  Near Future: Odd Future. On the other end of the punk spectrum… Odd Future will be coming to Indio, CA next week and you better buy your tickets now before you get punched in the face by Tyler.  Details on when and why and how and where coming to a blog post near you soon.


4. Global Lens is at it Again. Get Outta Town: China! This Thursday pack your bags, you are taking a non-stop trip to China via the big screen at the Palm Springs Art Museum inside the Annenberg Theater.  For…. FREE!  Life doesn’t get much better.  Show up at 6:00pm and travel to lands you never thought were imaginable.  More details later today.


5.  Palm Springs Restaurant Week. Foodies!  From Palm Springs to Indio – it’s time to unite and put your taste-buds to the test!  Restaurant Week is a culinary celebration in the Coachella Valley.  At  a fixed price (kinda pricey price, but a fixed one nonetheless) you can get a 3 course meal from the top restaurants in the valley… and these meals are all of their best meals, tastiest dishes, yummy galore.  I’m thinking this would make for a good date night.  What chu (chew) thinkin’?  😉


6.  Artists, Art Collectors, and Inquirers. The Coachella Valley Art Scene is working hard on this end of the computer gathering some of our favorite pieces of art from some of our favorite local artists around the valley.  We are prepping for our next big venture…. an Online Art Gallery!!!  This online art gallery will not only sell pieces, but it will sell music, merch, sticker packs… a little something for everyone.  Prices vary in very cheap, to expensive… all depends on what we are selling.  So, FINALLY, to all the readers from out f the Coachella Valley, you will FINALLY be able to take a tangible piece of the desert home with you.  More info coming soon!


7.  Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube… oh my! yeah so last week we didn’t have time to link you guys… but this week we are ready.  We have recently had a lot of people start following our Tumblr and well, you know if you have Tumblr, it’s starting to get addicting!!!  Some of you guys have a great eye or style and design… hats off to you.  Check out our Tumblr and see if you dig my steeze.  And if you are not Tumblr compatible at this time, then make sure to follow our Twitter and Subscribe to our Facebook!


8.  Randoms. We get tidbits of information sent to us every single day.  And because this is a one woman operation, we can’t always promise that we can post it… but, every now and then, when my Soy Latte is really strong, I stay up at all hours of the night and manage to post out of my Week Forecast’s forecasted blogging schedule.  So, let’s cross our fingers that my barista hooks it up with an extra shot or two!!


9.  Commercial Break: Droolin’. When cute boys make awesome skate videos that are based in the desert, we can’t help that side drool.  We’ve been drooling over some videos we’ve seen lately on the internet…. care to drool with us??


10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Ahhhh yes, that blog post!  It’s the blog post that has been steady posting for the last (almost) 3 years!  Can we get a round of applause for our dedication to the independent party scene of the Coachella Valley?!?!  It’s through the independent party scene that the community can start coming together as a whole…