Hello, how are you?

Great!  Well, welcome back to another week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

This week is a slow one, phew!, because last week was jam packed with stuff.  We didn’t really know up from down, left from right… all we knew was we had to blog and blog fast!!  We were happy to see it so poppin’ in the desert, but are also a little relieved to see it wind down this week.

So, let’s let loose and share with you all what’s ahead this week on the blog…


1.  Odd Future comes to Indio. Tomorrow is the day that all chaos will let loose in Indio.  Yes, it’s true, ODD FUTURE will be live and direct on stage at the Indio Performing Arts Center this Wednesday!!  Do you know how hype we are?!?! I don’t think you do!  We’ll give you all the details today, in preparation for tomorrow.


2.  Commercial Break: Street Art. Whether it’s incorporating the streets of the desert into your performance art piece or using the streets as your gallery space or as the backdrop to your painting, we have piled together an immaculate collection of contemporary art in the Coachella Valley via Youtube.  This is not one to skip over.


3.  Art Shows a Go Go. High Desert to Low Desert, we pick just a few that we think you might be interested in.


4.  Get Outta Town: Argentina. Escape the heat and find yourself traveling through Argentina for FREE via the big screen.  This Thursday the Palm Springs Art Museum provides us all with a little R&R with a free foreign film… ahhh … life is good.


5.  Indigenous Comic Art. Say what?! Yeah.  Speaking of the Palm Springs Art Museum…. this week they open up a new exhibit that examines how storytelling has been used in comic and comic inspired to express the contemporary Native American experience.  So cool, can’t wait to share more with you guys.


6.  Luche Libre. We are happy to hear that Lucha Libre is back in action.  It’s a punk rock infested night at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.  This week is their first gig back and it’s going to be a super amazing one.  We give you all the details and much more later.


7.  Coming Up: Palm Springs International Short Film Fest & Film Market. Next Monday is the begining of the highly anticipated, beloved, and highly entertaining… Palm Springs INternational Short Film Fest & Film Market and we are really excited about that!!!  To get you all ready we share with you some pointers, some favorites, some info and some links!  So don’t miss out!


8.  Coming Up: World Famous a monthly party brought to you by The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha. Yes!! Woop woop!  Swag!  Next Saturday is the World Famous party!!! If you don’t already know, World Famous is a monthly party that not just invited you to get lost in the music provided by Alf Alpha, but also to get your hands dirty for the night.  Noooo, not like that – gosh!!! – we are talking about you becoming a fashion designer, scultpter, curator for the night.  We put teh art materials out on the and let you dig in… for free.  Yes, kids, just remember the CVAS’s famous quote… “It’s not illegal to drink and craft!!”.  The party is 21 and over, crafting just got sexy again.


9.  In LA?  Looking for something to do? Okay, we know it’s hot and we know you re itching to get out of town – we don’t blame ya.  So, a new series to the blog is cool things to do out of town… that have something to do with the Coachella Valley.  Because, as any desert dweller knows… you can take the girl/boy out of the desert, but you can’t can’t the desert out the girl/boy.  This week, in Los Angeles, we give you an art show to attend because… well, it’s awesome and features a desert art duo that we LOVE.


10.  Randoms. You never know what we will find next here on the CVAS!  Considering… we are based on the internet and the internet is forever changing!  So, keep an eye out.


11.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party time – excellent.  Nothing we like better than partying…. especially when we party with local artists/musicians, local organizers/curators, local music fans at local venues!!!  Culture is created at night, so join us and the rest of freaks that come out.