Just a sneak peak of some photos I took on my film camera.

Videos, digital photos and more coming in a few days.

It was a cool night…. here are some of my favorites.

Thinking that the videos will be edited by the end of next week….



The crowd… before Odd Future went on.  Cray cray.



Alf Alpha was the opener for the night.  He definitely held it down, pleyed all the trill music to hype up the crowd for Odd Future.  Crowd gave the a-okay.



This is a photo of Tyler the Creator and Taco dancing to Alf Alpha backstage before they rocked the stage.



My favorite part of the night was when the Odd Future kids jumped in the crowd and joined in the audience in the mosh pits.



Tyler the Creator pushing his way through the crowd, all the way to the soundboards.



A gang of kids were doing crazy stuff.



More of Tyler rocking…


Woop woop swag!


Backstage, after the show, Taco and Alf Alpha.



You know who it is… Left Brain!!



I really love this photo I got of Tyler.



* * *


I took about 3 hours of film, a million digital photos, and it’s all coming very soon!!