Jim Morrison swimming the Tahquitz Canyon creek in Palm Springs, photo provided by Vintage Palm Springs's Facebook page


Sometimes we get lost.

Sometimes we party too much.

Sometimes we don’t have time to update the blog because we are lost in the party scene.

At times like that… Things 2 Do Thursday comes on Fridays.  A little late, but better then never.

So, please, y’all.  be patient/understanding with us.

I am a malnuturitioned community arts blogger with a very healthy party nightlife!!!

The Jim Morrison Gods understand me….





DJ Day is a traveling man!!!  The dude just got off a mini European tour to find out he’ll be back on the road very shortly.  And, they don’t bring you out there is you’re not legit.  So, get with it!  Every Thursday without a doubt DJ Day and Aimlo hold it down in the Amigo Rom of the Ace Hotel.  If you love hip hop, boogie, vinyl and/or all of the above then you MUST be there.  Reminder, every Thursday night this happens so even if I am slacking it on the blog post, just remember that it’s going on.  Word to yo momma.




*** Highlighted show of the weekend!!***

A VERY exciting FREE show at the Amigo Room inside the Ace Hotel of Palm Springs.  Captain Ahab won my heart over at the Date Shed two or three weeks ago – seriously, an amazing show.  I don’t even want to categorize them… but, people love to have comparisons and examples to make sense of things… so, if I had to describe them I would say they are a hyper-active, interactive, multi-media, performance art duo that not only has amazing video art but also some bangin’ beats to make the booty pop!!!  but, then again, what do I know??  All I know is that these guys are really awesome and that you should try something new and go check them out.

Peter Murphy at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown.  Check him out along with Michael Shapiro (of Reckless in Vegas).





Slipping Into Darkness + Mexicali only can equal one thing… COMPLETE CHAOS!!!!  If you are looking to just get really crazy and rock out with the desert’s most gangster rock stars then get a bunch of friends together and get ready to carpool it down to the dirty south for a night of the unknown.

I know… the flyer says 2010… sorry.  But really this is happening this Saturday.  We promise!  I just couldn’t find the updated flyer anywhere on the internet.  Victor Rodriguez is awesome and if you want in on the awesome then you must emerge yourself in it.  So dive in, baby!



* * * *

Alright, that’s a wrap!  I need some water!!! haha.  Thank you once again for the unconditional love and support!!!  I appreciate every “like”, every comment, every Facebook add and every in-person compliment…. it never goes unnoticed nor am I ever unthankful.  So – thank you!!!  Email me to share ideas, concepts, art, music, hate, love, and passions at the