photo by Aaron Hansen via Instagram


The weekend is almost here!!!!


I felt like it’s taken two weeks to get to the end of this week.

I guess it’s the hot weather.  That murky, stinky, sticky, hundred degree weather.  Those same weather temperatures that make people on edge, sweat, and go a little insane.  That same weather that makes some go insane, some make great music, and all of us want to party at night.  You know that kind of weather…. Summer time in the desert.


Places to loose yourself at night:





New flyer!  same weekly party that has been going down at the Ace Hotel for more than a year!  Can you believe that??  That’s so awesome.  Make sure to go out and support DJ Day and Aimlo, two guys that have really been holding it down for the boogie, funk, and soul scene of the desert.





In honor of Go Skate Day, Epidemic is throwing an event Friday evening.  Go out and at least get some free BBQ and giveaways.  And… see if Glen drops any hint to what the new Epidemic Skateboard Shop’s new Facebook default is all about… I hear they are moving….

These parties are seriously the business.  They are backyard bashes that are… umm… in a backyard… that really go.  Like, I mean, they are super fun and crazy and next level.  If you want the real deal… then show up.  Basically.

Need a little reggae in your life??  Soul Opus gots you.  At Space 120, come on by!



You know what it is!!!!!!!!!!  The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha’s monthly get-to-gether at the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room that always turns into a complete rager!!!!!  Happens when you have a Coachella/Adidas/Odd Future opener DJ on the lineup and the arts blogger and Coachella art installation artist on the art tip.  It’s a match made in heaven people!!  Kinda like a Pisces – Virgo love match…

Okay, so I slipped in another World Famous party flyer… so shoot me.  This flyer is good though!  The Ace Hotel people made it.  I like it….

Man oh man… Blackstrap Molasses is the biznass.  If you are in Indio… you gotta check these kids out.  They are the real deal and they have a good team behind them.  Plus, good openers.




Academy of Awesome… yeah, I graduated from there.  Just kidding.  But for reals, Paul Frank’s Academy of Awesome will be in town this Sunday and you should come and hang with academically awesome people.



* * *


Thank you once again to everyone who continues to support The Coachella Valley Art Scene!  I am forever inspired by you!!  If you would ever like to contribute to The Coachella Valley Art Scene, please do hit me up and share your ideas and skills and we can get it poppin!  My name is Sarah and my email is thecoachellavalleyartscene @ gmail . com.