Welcome back!

It’s another fantabulous week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!!

Glad you could be apart of the glitz (aka glitch) and glam with us.

So, first and foremost… just wanted to thank all of you who were able to make it out to World Famous … the monthly party hosted by Alf Alpha and The Coachella Valley Art Scene at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs this past Saturday!!  Alf Alpha held it down on the turntables for 4 hours!  The party people kept it moving and groovin’ on the dance floor all night, the artsy-fartsy brigade kept the craft tables bumpin’ bumpin’, and Steven Preston debuted the final copy of Alf Alpha’s official first music video that recaps his time at Coachella 2011!  All in all, it was a great night, one to go down in the “books” (aka my blog).

This week, as hot as it is outside is as hot as it is in my Inbox!!!  I keep receiving all sorts of notifications of things going on in and around the desert.  It’s a bit overwhelming.  However, as much as it is overwhelming, it’s just as much inspirational.


1.  World Famous Party Recap. Every last Saturday of the month Alf Alpha and I pull out all the bells and whistles for you guys at our monthly party.  My bells and whistles are free art supplies…. Alf Alpha’s are party jams, after party jams, after party jams.  Put all those bells and whistles together and you have one crazy party.  Recap coming later this week…


2.  Blackstrap Molasses Album Release Party Recap. The same night that World Famous went down in Palm Springs was the same night that Blackstrap Molasses had an album release party at the Date Shed in Indio.  Sources tell me that it was the biggest turnout that the Date Shed has had thus far!!  Big congrats to Blackstrap Molasses, to the Date Shed for making it s 15 year old + night, and to Cris Cichocki for fighting for the right to party.  Photos + video + text coming this week.


3.  INTERVIEW: Full Flexx Media. The Odd future recap with video and text and photos is coming… we promise!!! I took sooo much footage and got so busy last week that it had to get pushed back another week.  However, like my mother always said… good things come to those who wait!  An interview with the guys who brought the event to you… Full Flexx Media, will be in the mix as well.


4.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous. Yes!  So happy to announce that this feature is back!!! I was sad for a minute when nothing was going on mid-week in the desert… cry no more, Wednesday Night Rendezvous are back… in action.


5.  Art Shows a Go Go. New exhibitions!  Free exhibitions!! Cutting edge exhibitions!!!  All right here in the desert this weekend… and you are invited.  Never feel like art is an elitist thing… cuz it’s certainly not.  Or at least not the shows I post.


6.  Get Outta Town: India. Travel the world via the big screen at the Palm Springs Art Museum this Thursday… for free.  Pack your bags (aka bags of popcorn) and get ready to travel across the world for free.  More details later this week!


7.  Alf Alpha Releases an Official Music Video: Coachella 2011 Recap. If you didn’t know… Alf Alpha is one of the most hard-working DJs in the DJ game.  His efforts were proven so when he DJed t a total of 4 different stages at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (aka Coachella) 2011.  Yes, four; Sahara Tent, Oasis Dome, Coachella Art Studios (interactive art installation inside the campgrounds) and the Roller Rink (also inside the campgrounds, about the size of Dome, maybe nigger dance floor space).  Steven Preston, the mind and man behind the camera captured Alf Alpha rocking 3 different stages; Sahara, Oasis Dome and the Coachella Art Studios.  It’s an amazing music video and features some of the most supportive friends that have been down with Alf Alpha and The Coachella Valley Art Scene since Day #1.  Can’t wait to share it with you all!!!


8.  Sunday = Funday, Funday = Freeday! I know all us artsy types aren’t very math and calculation savvy… okay, maybe we are actually really bad at it… but!  i do understand what “Sunday = Funday, Funday = Freeday” equates to: Free 2nd Sundays at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  Yay!!!!!!!  A piece of mind, not on my dime.  Gotta love it!  This Sunday the Palm Springs Art Museum is FREE!  Woop woop swag.


9.  July 4th Fun Times. Some of you are staying in town this weekend, and some of your are crawling in from outta town… that basically means party time either way you look at it, or either director you are coming from.  So, we share with you some fun things to check out this weekend while you are around town causing havoc during the day.  Make sure to check out his post as we share Yard Sales and Thrift Store Recommendations!!!


10.  Randoms. You never, ever know what might pop up on The Coachella Valley Art Scene… and that’s due in part to me not knowing either.  But, that’s what makes it fun – right?!?! So, keep an eye and ear out!!


11.  Things 2 Do Thursdays. 4th of July translates very easily in Southern California slang as… party time.  This Thursday, as we do every Thursday, we announce what all the local bands, venues, promoters, and independent music fans are up to in the desert.  Because, when in doubt, support the local art scene.