We present to you…

Alf Alpha’s Coachella 2011 Recap




Alf Alpha rocked a total of 4 stages at Coachella Fest 2011 within the 3 day timespan!

Check it out.  Alf Alpha packed the dance floors at all 4 locations:

* Sahara Tent

* Dome Oasis

* Coachella Art Studios

* Rollerskating Rink (in the campgrounds of Coachella)


The man literally never left the concert premises. And each dance floor, no matter where he went was packed out.  Pretty good for his first year making the lineup!


Film Credits:

Produced & Edited by Steven Preston
Photographed by Jared Huss, Steven Preston, Ozzie Clarke
Music by Alf Alpha








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Thanks for watching and we look forward to rocking with you at Coachella 2012… both weekends!