Weather, and days, like this make me wonder how I ever made it out alive as a kid.  Let alone… able to survive now as an adult (knowing that I can get out at any time I choose).

Looking at this photo, and back on my life, I am surprised I didn’t smoke cigs.  You know?!?! Just to like… relax a little.  The 120 temperatures… they are no walk in the park.  And now with all this new found humidity… it’s no dip in the pool either.

So, this post is dedicated to all those under 12 years old out there living in the desert.  I feel for you guys: Out of school.  Bored.  And probably smoking cis by the pool.  I can’t blame you!  This weather is a drag.

However, as Lady Gaga says it best…. “Don’t be a Drag, just be a Queen”…

… so in the spirit of Gaga and Drag and Queens and crazy weather and children smoking cigs I am now going to end this crazy rant that I got going and drink some water…. I think I’m dehydrated….




DJ Day, and the newlywed DJ Aimlo, hold it down in downtown tonight… and every Thursday night!!  For free!  Check it out.  Tip Amilo some honeymoon $$$.

It’s a punk show in Indio and you’re not invited!!!! Neaner neaner!!!!  Go smoke some cigs and sweat outside by yourself.  Just kidding.  Of course you’re invited…. duh.






Blackstrap Molasses!  If you don’t know about these guys you better do your research, for reals.  they just landed this Revolver gig and we couldn’t be more hype for them.  Check ’em out!!!  Free!

Date Shed… kinda like the House of Blues in the desert.  You know the drill.






It’s a Bday bash for two very pretty girls I know!!!!  Ionie and Jenn!!  I love Cancers!!  Probz cuz I’m a Pisces.  But, really… who doesn’t love cancer women!  make sure to go wish them a happy birthday and squeeze ’em for me.

Okay, soooo it’s not the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival…. it’s the Coachella Music and GROOVE Festival… so, move it and groove it on down there.  No, not the Polo Fields… somewhere else, that’s a secret until you purchase tickets.  I know, it’s confusing.

To heck with everything!!!  Loose your mind in some electro for the night.  Get a little cray cray on the dance floor and throw the towel in.




* * *

Thank you to everyone who continues to support The Coachella Valley Art Scene!!!!  I really can’t express the gratitude that comes from your loyal readership.  There’s no possible way.  My only way to truly express how thankful I am is to just keep producing the content for you – right?!?!  If you ever got something that you want to share with me, please do write me!  I love emails – thecoachellavalleyartscene  HOLLA!