Welcome back!

It’s another beautiful week here in the desert and on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

Lately, on the big screen (aka your computer screen) we might look like we are lagging a bit…. missing out on a post here, a post there, a party here, a party there… but, have no fear!!!  We have been grinding hard on this end of the screen.  Not only are we almost ready to release a whole slew of new blog features to share with you,  but we are also getting ready to release the first ever Coachella Valley Art Scene Online Art Gallery.  But – wait! – that’s not it!!  We are also excited to drop our video recap from the art installation we produced at Coachella Fest 2011 (the Coachella Art Studios).  I really think you guys are going to dig ALL OF IT!!  We put our blood and guts into everything and I think it shows.

In the big picture, we are aiming to have your Coachella Valley Art Scene experience not just some like… random blog, that you randomly click into, that’s written by some random chick, talking about some random ish…. but actually a place where you can learn more about some cutting edge artists/art movements in the 760, be able support your local art scene by purchasing art from your local artist (or not local, depending on where you are located – hello to all who are reading this from across the globe) via our online art gallery, and even buy art from our pop-up shop at the new Epidemic Skateboard Shop in Palm Desert.  More than a blog….. a place were you can really get your hands dirty!!!  ‘Cuz we all know staying squeaky clean is so 2008 (old news).

Latest and greatest:

1.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous.  Hump day in the desert is now a community movement.  You can either hump at home alone or hump with some friends at local venues and support some local talent.  This Wednesday you have the option of either going to an Open Mic night in Palm Desert or getting your mid-week giggles out at the Ace Hotel for their comedy night.  Both events are free… pick your poison as you will.

2.  Epidemic Skate Shop moving to Palm Desert… and we are gonna be moving in!  Yes, Epidemic Skate Shop, who called Cathedral City home for many many years is finally packing their bags and taking on a new adventure… Palm Desert.  The skate shop that has been alive and well in the desert for 10 years straight, and has bred some of the best skaters and skate team is now more than a skate shop…. we are super duper happy to announce that they will be designating a CVAS section to their shop!  Yes, that means there will be a place in the shop designated to the local arts community and local artists!!!!!  How dope is that?  How hype are we??  It’s kind of hard to explain via text.  However, we are going to fill you in an everything we are up to this week!  So get ready!

3.  Get Outta Town: Brazil.  The Palm Springs Art Museum + Global Lens is at it again this week with a free foreign film screening that invites everyone to hop on board and depart from your normal day life in the desert to travel to foreign lands such as Brazil.  The free film screening is every Thursday evening at the Annenberg Theater at 6:00pm.  We will give you more details in just a bit.

4.  Art Shows a Go Go.  Speaking of the Palm Springs Art Museum… this Saturday they are releasing a new exhibition called “Blast from the Past: 60’s and 70’s Geometric Abstractions.”  I don’t know about you… but I am pretty excited about this.  There are some other art shows going on around town as well, but you’ll just have to revisit the blog later this week to learn more about those!  So, come back soon!

5.  Explorations of the Desert.  We have been snooping around the internet lately and have been in awe of some of the cool photography that has been going down in the dirty D this summer.  Kids documenting life in the desert as we know it…. a beautiful thing.  This week we pull photos from some of our favorite desert documentarians.

6.  Karate Chop.  I heard that there is a free film screening of Karate Kid at the Dateland Park in Indio this Friday.  That’s pretty awesome.  More details on the free family film park series in a bit…

7.  Garage and Rummage Sales.  I love the summer in the desert… but what I love most about it is that everyone starts throwing out all their valuables because you get too hot and bothered with all that junk around you.  Lucky me!  And lucky you.  On Facebook I came across some pretty cool Garage Sales that will only be featuring Modernist themed merch.  Pretty sweet.  Hopefully someone has a lemonade stand!

8.  Commercial Break.  So many cool videos being released for the Summer… especially from local band, War Drum, and local DJ, Alf Alpha!!!  Can’t wait to share with you all the summer time music videos coming straight from the valley on to the big screen…

9.  Interviews.  Man oh man are we overdue for an interview.  Well, the time has come, kids!! I can’t take it anymore… I must release the beast!!!  Keep an eye and ear out for some new Interviews from new people really doing it in the desert.

10.  Recaps of Happs from the Past.  We got a new hard drive and all this new computer stuff so we have been a little backed up here on the blog!!! So, excuse us.  We have some pretty epic party photos just waiting for you laugh/look at… and much more where all that came from.  I need to release these as well as my Interviews… who wants to help!!  haha… Just kidding.  Actually, they should be ready to explode upon this week.

11.  Randoms.  I never know what I will find on the Internet and never really know what will end up on the blog… so, ‘Randoms” is the best way to put it!  might be some random vital information, or it might just be some random pointless stuff I find on the web that I wanna share with you.  Importance is in the eye of the beholder….

12.  Things 2 Do Thursdays.  Sometimes I think you guys just use me for my Things 2 Do Thursday post!!! Hahaha.  I’m really just a party line to you guys!!!  jk jk Actually, I don’t mind being that person.  I’ve always loved the nightlife culture.  I love the outcome of putting a bunch of people in a room and watching how the night will unfold – nothing compares to it.  Especially when it’s a bunch of people who are all there to support some form of art – music, visual, performance, etc etc etc.  That is what I try to bring together with the Things 2 Do Thursday post…. a bunch of energies, vibes, and positivity…. not an advertisement.  Don’t get it twisted.