…as in this THURSDAY Evening

get outta town and travel to BRAZIL

via a foreign film presented by Global Lens 2011…

The Tenants, 2009

at the Palm Springs Art Museum‘s Annenberg Theater

101 Museum Drive Palm Springs, CA

6:00pm !



Film Synopsis

Manual laborer and night student Valter lives with his wife and two children in working-class São Paulo when three young criminals move in next door. A bunker mentality sets in as Valter’s anxious masculinity reels from a city enduring a wave of violent crime. But Valter soon discovers he is not the only one perversely affected by the mounting chaos. Building tension throughout with stylish sequences that blend reality and fevered imagination, Sérgio Bianchi’s gripping domestic thriller offers a shrewd portrait of the social and psychological impact of urban violence, depicting a community beset yet also aroused by a permeating atmosphere of destruction.

About the Director

Sérgio Bianchi was born in Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil, in 1945. A resident of São Paulo since 1968, he graduated from the Communications and Arts School at the University of São Paulo and began his career in film and photography in 1972. In addition to several short films, his features include Romance, The Secret Cause and Chronically Unfeasible. The Tenants is his sixth feature film.

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