Welcome back to another fan-tab-u-lous week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

‘What’s fantabulous?!’, one might ask?

Well, let me show you, not tell you…

1.  Wednesday Night Rendezvous.  I am so glad I was forced to bring this post back into the mix this season.  Every summer the dreaded fear of “nothing to do” creeps up into our subconscious and we moan and groan about the long dreaded days of summer before we even realize that they are upon us… and the nights are crackin’… even on a Wednesday night!….while you sit at home!  Hence, “Wednesday Night Rendezvous”, a blog post about local events that are organized by local promoters that feature local musicians at local businesses/venues. So check it out…

2.    Top Tumblr of the Week.  If you haven’t already noticed, via our Facebook page…. we love Tumblr.  It’s basically everyone’s own way to curate your own imaginary art gallery!  Fun, right?!  Our Tumblr, located at www.thecvartscene.tumblr.com, is basically all about… hmm… take a guess….. yeah, the Coachella Valley.  We post photos and videos and all kinds of things that trigger happy memories about the desert.  Starting this week, we share with you a Tumblr that continues to inspire us (aka one that we keep reblogging), so stay tuned because that’s going to be super duper cool.

3.  Something to Get Excited About: Cinematheque is Back!  Are you (a) a film nerd?  (b) free on Sunday evenings?  (c) looking to meet cool/interesting/good looking/intelligent over a free film in an air conditioned space?  or (d) all of the above?  I am assuming, because the CVAS blog readers are the bomb digity, that you guys all answered (d) to the questionnaire I just made up.  Great!  That means I can expect to see you all this Sunday at the bran-spankin new Stacked Bookshop inside of the tastefully put together, independently owned, Fine Art of Design shop in Palm Desert.  Yes, this means that Cinematheque has moved from the old Ace Hotel location into a new, more “valley centralized” location.  Free films will be screened, glasses of champagne will be sipped, discussions will be held, and the evening will be curated by the great John Steppling.

4.  Traffic Signal Boxes.  The Indio Public Arts and Historic Preservation Commision is currently seeking artists to paint traffic signal boxes.  The due date is literally just around the corner.  However, we all know that nobody really ever turns in the proposal early…. right??  ::crickets:: Or is that just me??  Yikes.  To all my fellow laggers, or just those who didn’t get word of this neat opportunity before, now is your chance.

5.  Commercial Break: Fly Fresh Cuts and Camera Angles.  The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Commercial Breaks are actually my favorite post.  Why?  Well, probably, to be honest, the number one reason is because I was a film major… but the other great reason why this is probably my favorite post is because we get to see the craftsmanship of film from the people of the Coachella Valley.  These YouTube clips are never meant to be profound pieces… epic tales… glamour and godly… they are just your every day kids doing some cool stuff everyday.

6.  Adam Corolla at the Ace.  I spent many-a-night listening to the radio… listening to Adam Corolla on the other end… giving good advice to weird people.  It was great.  I always wondered… what does Adam really think of this??  What does he really think of these people and their problems?? What do his facial expressions look like when he hears some of this stuff??  Well, now, I need to wonder no longer because Adam Corolla is coming to the Ace Hotel Palm Springs this Thursday!!!  And he will be recording a live podcast set!!! Yes, tomorrow!!  We will give all the details… don’t worry.

7.  Get Outta Town: Uruguay.  Speaking of tomorrow… if Adam Corolla is a little too R rated for you taste, make sure to swing by the Palm Springs Art Museum for a night of escapism to a foreign land via a foreign film that takes place in Uruguay. Always free, every Thursday evening, all going down at the Annenberg Theater (inside the Palm Springs Art Museum), and starting promptly at 6:00pm.

8.  Summer School by the Pool.  Summer School was always all about catching up with what you missed out on during the year.  And, let’s face it, it was kinda for the “bad kids” too (I’ll admit, I was a Summer School regular).  Every summer all the badasses of the school would reunite for the annual teacher tormentor convention for a couple weeks and ….. just kidding, we’ll stop that story right there.  With all joking aside, this upcoming weekend is going to take you back into time.  Back to a time when summer school was in session and you had to catch up on your studies.  However, this time around Summer School is not only COOL again, but it is also by a POOL and at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  And what is the course subject and study material one night ask?  Well, since you’ve been typing on your computer all year long and have forgotten what it’s like to actually REALLY make letters and words appear right in front of your eyes for reals… like in real time… the teachers of the pop-up Summer School program taught by Tim Biskup and Katie Durrie.  Well are going to show you how to do that.  Classes in session: screen-printing, block-print and letter press.  Cost: Free.  Encouraged: drinks and tips. More info in just a bit…

9.  Randoms.  Man oh man…. I have so much random information and photos piled up on my laptop, it’s crazy.  I guess the only way they are gonna come out to play is if you guys keep an eye out on the blog for them.  Also, I am sure I forgot like 5 things I wanted to talk about this week. So, stay tuned for the unexpected!!!  Muahahahahahaha

10.  Things 2 Do Thursday.  Party time!!!! Excellent!!!!!  Wayne’s World new what time it was way back when.  This weekend, the desert certainly does not fall short of a poppin’ part scene.  Make sure to come back to get the weekly local party zone run down.