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“We’ve got a full weekend of free printmaking workshops and letterpressing by LA and PDX artists plus bands and DJs curated by School Night Los Angeles(KCRW’s Chris Douridas and MFG’s Matt Goldman). A hand-picked group of printmakers guide you through making art you can take home with you, Mr. Goldman gives a talk Saturday afternoon on developing your graphic style and aesthetic sensibilities, and Sunday night join us we’re hosting a pop-up shop and gallery show with guest art. Plus, theType Truck from Power and Light Press will be parked by the lobby all weekend so you can letterpress your heart out. Late night in the Clubhouse on Saturday, Tim Biskup holds a witching-hour gallery opening to premiere a new limited edition of signed and numbered prints at 10pm.” – Ace Hotel


12 – 2p : Matt Goldman : $1/Minute : Donations to Adbusters
3 – 5p : Shannon Kennedy : Yours Truly
9p – 2a : School Night : Bands & DJs : Amigo Room
10p-Midnight : Tim Biskup Premiere

12 – 5p : School Night : Poolside DJs
12 – 2p : Justin Krietemeyer : Moon Rocks
3 – 5p : Erin Dollar : Print + Pattern
7p – 10p : Show + Tell : Pop-Up Shop & Guest Art Gallery Show

12-5p : Type Truck : Letterpressing with Kyle Durrie


Matt Goldman : $1/Minute Interactive speed-design Guns For Hire — hosts Ana Llorente and Davey Whitcraft as well as visiting artists will design your every whim for an unheard low fee of $1/minute — all at lightening speed. All proceeds donated to Adbusters.

Kyle Durrie : Type Truck Learn to set type and crank out any message you can think of in this mobile print shop built into the back of Kyle’s Chevy van. She’ll be parked by the lobby so it’s a casual thing.

Justin Krietemeyer : Moon Rocks Hang with Justin and print / paint your own Moon Rock (geode) picture. You’re gonna like it. You’ll want to race home and hang it above your hi-fi. Justin will help you silkscreen a big geode and paint the wacky world within.

Erin Dollar : Print & Pattern Focus on multiple ways to achieve your own unique printed patterns and print them quickly using anywhere from the most low tech (potato printing) to hand carved linoleum stamps — can be printed on cards, paper, bags or clothing.

Shannon Kennedy : Yours Truly Pull your own screenprinted cards and stationery. Patterns and design elements will be provided as well as text and phrases for cards. Mix and match the elements, colors and type to customize your designs and take home a custom set of love letters, notes and greeting cards.

Show & Tell : Pop-Up Shop & Guest Art Gallery Blow your own horn at this group show — it’s a pop-up gallery from a pop-up art community: you.


Matt Goldman : MFG 

is a graphic designer and event producer based in downtown Los Angeles. After working at Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One as Senior Art Director, Matt started his own MFG Productions. Matt’s design and production clients include Vice Magazine, Scion, M.I.A., Jane’s addiction, Spoon, A-Trak, Fool’s Gold, Deerhoof and Diplo. He lives with his four neglected plants in Silverlake.

Kyle Durrie : Power and Light Press

 is a Portland-based letterpress maven traveling the country for eight months with her Type Truck, a mobile print shop built into the back of a 1982 Chevy step van — to share the good word about printing the old fashioned way.

Justin Krietemeyer : National Forest Design 

is a Los Angeles artist. He has shown artwork in the US and Europe. He is a  nice guy and the workshop will be fun.

Erin Dollar 

is a printmaker from Portland, recently transplated to LA. Obsessed with preserving traditional printmaking practices, she use printmaking to create works on paper and fabric. She believes printmaking is the most democratic art medium and can be a great, affordable way for anyone to approach building an art collection. Much of her work is focused on pattern and repetition, and studying the beauty of hand made, imperfect patterns.

Shannon Kennedy : Sass & Peril 

is a California-based graphic designer, screenprinter, maker, mover and shaker. She creates everything from 2D design to small, plush gifts.

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