While we are away at Burning Man this week, we wanted to leave you with at least one recommendation of something to check out this week on the Internet…

This week’s recommendation is the

Coachella Art Studios.

The Coachella Art Studios is a large scale interactive art installation inside the campgrounds of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  We have been producing this large-scale “art party” for the last 2 years out there!!!  And we LOVE what we do.

But before we even dive into 2012 and what’s in store for this year, we wanted to make sure our hometown knew all about the work that we have put in these past years at Coachella during 2011 and 2010.

The Coachella Art Studios is curated and produced by The Coachella Valley Art Scene and each workshop is ran (and staffed) by young and upoming Coachella Valley artists.  Each group features different artists who specialize and are passionate about a certain craft.  Crafts range from making jewelry with felt, to stranger portraits, to making your own zine, musical instruments from recycled goods, to making sculptures with e-waste.  The locals who run each of these workshops then share their knowledge with the thousands of Coachella campers from all around the United States and world under the Coachella Art Studios tent.  Every morning a camper can wake up, get ready, head over to the Coachella Art Studios tent to make crafts, meet people, groove to DJ Alf Alpha, and have a unique experience.

Then, after making their hand-crafted souvineer/item/craft, they can take it back to the tent to save for later and/or wear it into the concert to enjoy the day better by.  Every night after the concert ends, we also have Midnight Crafts, which allows the campers an opportunity to work with LED lights and tons of other glow-in-the-dark art supplies.

The Coachella Art Studios allows the campers to Coachella Fest a away to find their own community within the larger community.  It’s the common grounds in the campground where people who love music and art can hang out and express themselves in a unique, fun and open environment.

To learn even more about the Coachella Art Studios please check out the videos and photos that are featured below.  To actually really know what it sounds like, feels like… is like, you have to be there.  So, we hope to see some of you guys out there next year!  Till then…


2011 Video

2010 Video

Photos from last year:

more photos and information here: