We are super-duper-hype to announce that our good friend Adam Levy will screening the pilot to his new film project, Pick-a-Split, this Sunday at the Ace Hotel!
And not only are we just excited for Adam… but we are also really super-duper-hype for his entire creative staff, who ALL are Coachella Valley natives.  Levy was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pick his own creative team and (being the smart man that he is) he chose to work with all desert kids.  So, as you can imagine we over here at The Coachella Valley Art Scene are extremely excited to see the outcome (a.k.a. seeing the desert’s retro funkiness and Linda Gerard on television).
So, come on out to the Ace Hotel this Sunday to watch (and celebrate) the debut of the pilot and have a word with Adam and his team before their game show officially (and quickly) gets picked up by a television network and they all become too famous to ever talk to us again…. 😉 jk jk

The Official Flyer for the Pilot Screening:

We love the art direction.  It’s “so Palm Springs”.  We love the funkiness, Linda Gerard, and that random cheerleader in the back of the photos wearing a Palm Desert High School Aztec cheerleading outfit!
Check out some imagery and stills that we compiled:


“I basically assembled a dream team of talented local artists to help me knock this show out of the park….. For years now I have been dreaming up ways to work with everyone involved. This literally was the perfect project to collaborate. I am extremely fortunate to have everyone who worked on this as equally passionate as I was. Very rarely do artists communicate on the level that we all did to achieve the overall vision that was accomplished. I strongly believe that it is because we all come from a similar walk of life living here in the Coachella Valley. I don’t say if, but “When” the show get’s picked we will be reppin’ the desert hardcore! That is my ultimate dream. To be surrounded with the most creative people I know and being paid for it.”

Writer/Executive Producer, Adam Levy


The Crew:

Adam Levy- Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Animator
Sean Burford – Editor, Art Director, Set Designer, Animator, Associate Producer

Brett Sailor- Character Designer, Animator, Paint and Ink

Brett McLaughlin- Animator, Paint and Ink

Adam Surdin- Music/ Post Sound

Erin Carroll- Wardrobe, Executive Assistant
Heather Stokes- Makeup
Bryan Burford- Set Decorator
Lisa Hilstrom- Motion Graphics, Paint and Ink
Linda Gerard- Singing Hostess

The Vital Event Info:

Who: Pick-a-Split

What: Pilot Screening!

Where: Inside the Ace Hotel’s Commune at 701 E Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA

When: This Sunday, Oct. 9th

What Time: 9:00pm

Why: Because, it’s a game show that bowls – with a creative crew from the desert.  Duh.

Facebook Invite to RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=263228980383752

* * *