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A couple week ago I was at Peroxide Hair Salon getting my hair cut, styled and dyed by the only man allowed to touch my hair on Planet Earth… Victor Simmons.  As I was sitting my chair, admiring the scenery (ultra chic salon, by the way), I started with my usual of snapping iPhone pics, sipping on some bubbly, and getting all the latest local gossip…
….until the conversation veared towards what creative projects Victor and I were working on.  After I finished my hoopla of projects and all the blah blah blah, Victor began to tell me all about his latest creative endeavor – When Forces Collide’s Below the Big Top: A Night of Bazaar Events – and that’s when I put all my distractions to the side and tuned in.  The story behind When Forces Collide was awesome.  And the more Victor told me about their event, Below the Big Top: A Night of Bazaar Events,  about all the people who help contribute, about all the creative juices that flow, and the very reason WHY they put this on… I couldn’t help but fall in love.
When Forces Collide is a trio made up of three young creative professionals who live here in the Coachella Valley; Victor Simmons, Stephany Samokish (soon-to-be Wilder), and Jackie Teran.  These three individuals are all under 30-years-old, work in a creative field and are not only on a mission to bring a community together, but celebrate it by means of artistic expression and also benefit the American Cancer Society while doing so.
I found their story so sweet, and so compelling, that I share it with you all.
As I left Peroxide, I made another appointment with Victor… I set up a time to interview When Forces Collide for the CVAS so they can tell you all about their mission and event from the voice of the creative, ambitious geniuses themselves.  Victor penciled me in and we were set.  He brushed the last bit of trimmed hair off my shoulders and I was out (and feeling pretty fabulous).
So, without further ado, I present to you… When Forces Collide.

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INTERVIEW: When Forces Collide

on their event Below the Big Top: A Night of Bazaar Events

by Sarah Scheideman of The CVAS

Sarah S of The Coachella Valley Art Scene:  Let’s talk about the art of hair and make-up design.  The human face/body as your canvas… what lead you to that industry?  What do you love most about it?  And what are some everyday challenges?
 Victor of When Forces Collide:  After high school, I tried a couple semesters in a field I had no interest in. I had always experimented with my own hair, so I did some research and enrolled in Cosmology School. I was hooked. The ability to make people look and feel great about themselves is a powerful gift you can give someone. People’s personalities inspire my work.
Jackie of When Forces Collide:  Growing up I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. During High School dances, I found myself getting all my friends ready whether it was hair or make-up. I enrolled into an apprenticeship program which later lead me to get my license (and I haven’t stopped since!).  The thing I love the most about what I do is that everyone who sits in my chair is a new canvas for me. It is never the same thing every time. As far as challenges go, I like to challenge myself in creating something for my guest that is going to make them feel beautiful. Our hair is our tiara and when I make someone feel good and put a smile on their face, there is nothing more that can brighten my day. Making a guest feel good reminds that this is why I love to do what I do.
Stephany of When Forces Collide:  I began working in salons about 4 years ago. Working around all  the creative people inspired me, and brought out my artsy side (which was in need of some action). Even though I don’t do hair, being around creative people like Jackie & Victor, I feel that I get to live vicariously through them at times. Being around all the makeup and hair just excites me and NEVER gets old! How can it??
The CVAS: How did the three of you link up? 
Victor:  The beauty industry in the Coachella Valley is a tight-nit group. Everyone has worked with each other in one incarnation or another. I was fortunate enough to be working with Stephany and Jackie at the same salon at the same time. Our ideas always either clicked or sparked a different perspective.
The CVAS:  How did you first get interested in, and involved with, the American Cancer Society?  And what was the idea that sparked something like a fashion show as a fundraiser? 
Jackie:  I have been involved in the Relay For Life for about 11 years now. My mother’s brother passed away from Leukemia when he was 16 yearrs old. My grandpa is now in remission from Prostate and was just recently diagnosed with Skin Cancer and a good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Unfortunately, I have lost other family members to Cancer. I invited the salon I was working at at the time to come out to the Relay For Life. Stephany and Victor jumped on board and from then, we took off and have been on roll since! At a wrap up party, Stephany mentioned a runway show and we made the idea come true in September 2010. It was such a huge success that we decided to do it annually and this year will be our second year.
The CVAS: What are each of your rolls in When Forces Collide?  And what do each of you at the big event? 
Jackie:  We all play an important part in the show. Stephany is definitely the brains behind the technical side. Victor is the analyst who writes everything down and keeps us reminded of the things that need to get done. I would say I am the spaz who blurts out ideas and texts them before I forget. At the show, while Victor and I are backstage, Stephany is holding it down on the front end. We couldn’t make things happen without one another.
Victor:  Yeah, we all kind of get our hands dirty. There is a hap-hazzard flow that just works. Each of us are so different, so our ideas filter each other. During the show, we take a battle station and run with it. Hairspray flying everywhere.
Stephany: I agree, I think that we all balance each other out really well, which is why we work so well together. I like to think of myself as the “manager” I feel that my strengths are in the coordinating aspects of the show.. along with creative inputs! I am fortunate enough to have the talents Jackie & Victor to be able to bring my vision to life in shows like this. On the day of the show you will probably find me running around with push pins, dressing the girls, telling them where to go, where to stand, how to stand, how to sit, how to breathe all while making sure the stage and chairs are where they are supposed to be, the staff and vendors are all taken care of…
The CVAS:  Can you give an all around idea of who all is involved and what they will be doing?  
Jackie:  We are so happy to have the best local talent in the valley.  From ballet dancers to break dancers, they introduce our models who are circus glammed by our team of hair stylist and make-up artists to bring you an event that you will never forget!
Stephany: Everyone that is apart of the event is not just talented, but also very dedicated to the project.  For instance, all the girls from the local dance team have been volunteering many hours of their time. They made time for this… coming to practices after school, even after 2 hrs of ballet practice.  They will bring together all the “Acts” with dance routines throughout the runway show. The make-up artists will be working together with the hair stylists to bring together the perfect “circus” look. There are a few circus themes that we are working on, for example: “Dark Circus”, “Clown Circus”, “Light/Airy Circus”, Gypsy Circus”.
The CVAS:  I personally love the circus theme for this year.  What made you choose that them? 
 Stephany: I think that if you sat in on one of our meetings, you may not realize how we come up with some of the things we do.  After brainstorming, and talking in circles, and throwing idea after idea, before we knew it circus seemed to be the best fit.. it really allows us to have a full range of colors, ideas, and inspiration..  really nothing is off limits when there is a circus theme involved.
The CVAS:  Who are some hairstylist and/or makeup artists that you are inspired by?  The rock stars of the beauty industry… if you must. 
Victor:  I’m inspired by anyone who can take something like hair, or the concept of image, and bring it to your everyday life.  What’s one of the first things you see in the morning?  Your shampoo bottles.  I’m really liking some of the work coming out of Nick Arrojo’s studio in New York.  The hair is very wearable for the everyday client, but also looks great editorially.
Stephany:  Without sounding cheesy… Jackie & Victor really inspire me.. I don’t do hair or makeup, so i feel so privileged to work with two people who can take my words and turn them into hair and makeup.. it really is such a wonderful sight to see!
Jackie:  As far as make-up goes, MAC is part of my inspiration. I don’t have anyone in particular for hair. I can say that when I go to hair shows, or flipping through a magazine, I am inspired through the picture in the magazine and by the platform artist at a hair show.
The CVAS:  What trends are you seeing in hair styling/dye jobs/cuts in salons today? 
Victor:  At Peroxide Hair Complex, where I do my thang, I see a lot of people wanting to go for the gusto and change up their looks. Whether it’s brightening their blond, adding more punch to their red, or carving out some bangs.Fun and versatile hair is always on trend.
Jackie:  At Hi-lites Aveda, there are different looks that are trending. From bangs to color melting to A-Symmetrical looks, the fun never ends!
The CVAS:  And, we all want to know…. what’s next?
 Stephany:  Well… without giving too much away just yet…. lets just say that Jackie will be taking airbrushing classes, and we could be seeing body art in the near future for our next project ….
Jackie:  Yeah, our next project is still in the works and will be released soon!
The CVAS:  Where can we buy tickets/donate/get involved??!??!
 Stephany:  Tickets for this event are being sold at Hi-Lites Aveda and PeroXide Hair Complex. If there is someone that wants to donate but cannot come to the event, or someone who wants to be involved and volunteer for our next event, they can visit our website:


*all photos featured above were taken by the lovely and talented, Jacey Autumn Photography

2010 Mini Photo Recap:

Photos from last year’s event, featured below, were taken by 5000 Photography

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Vital Event Info

Who: When Forces Collide & The American Cancer Society

What: Hair & Makeup Runway Show to benefit the ACS

When: This FRIDAY, October 7th at 7:00pm-10:00pm

Ages: All

Cost: $25 Gen Admin presale / $30 Gen at the door / $35 Front Row presale / $40 Front Row at the door * all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society

Places to purchase your tickets presale:

Hi-Lites Aveda


PeroXide Hair Complex

Location:  inside the Ace Hotel’s Commune

701 E Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA



More details: