In this week’s Art Shows a Go Go we put the spotlight once again on Royale Projects.  Last week they closed out a show with the impressive, Elizabeth Orleans, and this week they open up their latest with six (6) more.  We were so impressed, with not just the turn around but the ALL of the artists involved that we just couldn’t help ourselves in featuring them once again.

Royale Projects is centrally located in Indian Wells, CA. If you haven’t been to the space yet, make sure to take a peak and stop by.  It’s at a great location, just off HWY 111.

Information provided by Royale Projects below:

About the Show:

After a long, warm summer Royale Projects launches its new season with an exhibition of six Los Angeles artists. Drawn from the grit of downtown LA, from the sunny surf of Malibu Beach, and from every stop along Sunset Boulevard, sculptures, paintings, photographs, and video works comment on the state of California today. 

“I don’t know where but she sends me there” is a line from The Beach Boys’ 1966 hit song “Good Vibrations”. Brian Wilson created a collage of sound, taking disparate musical parts and combining them together to hone a perfect, symphonic – pop song.  This audio masterpiece has become a true California anthem and an aural icon of West Coast culture.

With that in mind Royale Projects brings together six artists that, at first glance, could not be more different.  Upon closer scrutiny you will start to recognize themes and movements within the works of art.  Witty references to Pop Art and Minimalism as well as tender homages to California’s own Light and Space artists are woven through the exhibition.  The wry observations of banal, urban culture challenge the viewer to look closer at the contemporary beliefs, lifestyle, and identity of Southern California.

I Don’t Know Where But She Sends Me There: six Los Angeles artists now will send you on an insightful and fanciful journey. The exhibition introduces a cross section of exciting artists currently creating in Los Angeles; the most shiny, yet at times tarnished, city in our great Golden State.

Featuring Works by:

Joshua Callaghan  //
Michelle Carla Handel //
Dennis Koch //
Pontus Willfors //
Brian Wills //

Happening at:

Public viewing hours:
Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday – Tuesday available by appointment


All installation at Royale Projects is done by Premier Art Installation
Please contact gallery for number.


royale projects : modern & contemporary art
75270 Highway 111 Suite 205
Indian Wells CA 92210