Sunday, November 20th

6:00pm – 9:00pm

November’s Critcal Mass Palm Springs Bike Ride


All Aged Event!


Meeting Location: NYPD Parking Lot in Palm Springs

About Critical Mass – Palm Springs:

“Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists’ right to the road. The idea started in San Francisco in September 1992 and quickly spread to cities all over the world.

Critical Mass has a different flavor from city to city — there’s a big variety in size, respect of traffic laws, interaction with motorists, and intervention by police.
Critical Mass has no leaders, and no central organization licenses rides. In every city that has a CM ride, some locals simply picked a date, time, and location for the ride and publicized it, and thus the ride was born.

CM is an idea and an event, not an organization.

CM is intended to be a celebration, not an opportunity to cause trouble. Those who want to try to tie up traffic as much as possible and be confrontational with motorists are missing the point. We can assert our right to the road without being rude about it. Focus on the ride, not on the cars that also happen to be on the road.

Welcome ALL! Let’s Ride!” – via their Facebook page

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