Foodies, start your engines… the day has finally come!! Food Trucks in the Coachella Valley – victory for all!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am particularly excited for this Saturday’s Food Truck Festival.  One of my favorite reasons/excuses to go to Los Angeles is for their food culture and trends, including the recent emergence of Food Trucks into popular culture.  

My favorite thing about these food trucks is that you can opt to taste more then just your standard Mexican tacos and burritos (not knockin’ ’em though!); you can go Asian, go Cuban, go French, for fast food or for higher end cuisine.  Whatever pleases your palate.

This Saturday there will be 60 (yes, sixty) of the most popular Food Trucks in the scene hailing from the big cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco right here in Palm Springs.

Gotta be honest, my mouth is salivating and I better wrap up this article quick before my tummy starts growling and/or drool on the keyboard….. See ya there!!!!



10:00am – 5:00pm



About the Event:

Media personality, event producer, and “Minister of Culinary Awareness”, Cliff Young of Out To Eat on KVCR-PBS Television, has brought together over forty gourmet food trucks for the first annual Palm Springs Food Truck Festival taking place Saturday, February 4th from 10:00am to 5:00pm outside the Spa Resort Casino at 401 East Amado Road. The event will feature a number of celebrities and operators from The Cooking Channel’s Food Truck Revolution and Food Network programs Eat Street, Tyler Florence’s The Great Food Truck Race including “Crepes Bonaparte”, “Devilicious”, “Border Grill”, “Calbi Truck”, “The White Rabbit”, “Great Balls On Tires”, “Ragin Cajun”, “Tapa Boy” and season winners, “Grill Em All” among others.

A portion of the proceeds raised at the event will benefit the Palm Springs High School Music programs and Marching Band.

Festival admission is $10.00 general admission. Free entry for children six and under. General admission is from 11:00am through 5:00pm. Dogs are permitted but must be on a harness or leash at all times.

VIP Pass includes: Early admission at 10:00am, Free Beverages from event sponsors booths (water and soda), Entry into the post festival.

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4 out of the 60 Featured Food Trucks:

The VIZZI Team is serious about stimulating all your senses. Our Chef, David Fuñe innovates cooking styles from California to Oregon and the Philippines, creating a distinct balance of well developed flavors. He is inspired by highlighting the integrity of fresh ingredients found along the west coast which boasts enriched aromas, tempts your mouth with layers of texture, and flirts with your palate by touching your savory side.

Hungry Nomad is a mobile spin off of Sasoun Bakery, a family owned and operated Armenian/Lebanese bakery with 8 locations – six in the LA area and two in Lebanon. We have taken our most popular family recipes and given them an edgy and innovative twist for the road. Many ask, why Hungry Nomad? Our truck is a traveling nomad without a permanent home, migrating from one location to another with a primary focus of feeding the people.

The Frysmith truck serves fries that eat as a meal. How does that work, you ask? The scientific answer is: We throw stuff on top. Stuff like all-beef chili flavored with chocolate and beer or kimchi and heirloom pork under gooey cheddar cheese. It all gets piled on hand-cut Kennebec potatoes fried twice in canola oil (the only oil good enough to be named after Canada). The resulting fries are crispy and crunchy enough to stand up to whatever topping we throw on them!

BOO-Yah!!: an artisanal ice-cream sandwich that combines our warm and soft Chunk-n-Chip cookies with one of our many flavors of ice cream awesomeness. It’s a strange word isn’t? Everything about it, from its definition to the way it’s said: loud, boisterous and in your face. Yet when it came time to name our amazing ice cream sandwich,we went with the only word that could be used to describe the mind-blowing taste experience.

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