Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello!  How are you doing?!

I hope things for you have have been as productive, fun and outdoors-y for you as they have been for me.  To be honest with you, it’s hard being a blogger around this of the year in the Coachella Valley, and I am sure you can imagine why – there are tons of different things to do every weekend, the weather is beautiful, and everyone is in town.  With such fullfilling days, it only leaves empty room in my schedule to blog throughout the night.  After the sun sets and the people return home to rest is when the dust settles and I have time to reflect and look forward as to what is ahead on the blog this week….

In the midst of Modernism Week, Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Greek Festival, Date Festival, and Deja Vu’s fashion show we have a bunch of things to blog about.  But before we reflect back on some events we attended this weekend, let’s take a sneak peak into what’s ahead this week:

This weekend there are many things to do and attend, however, there are two specific events that The Coachella Valley Art Scene is hosting and that I think you will really enjoy.  This Saturday night it’s WORLD FAMOUS (RSVP here)!!!!!  Yep, it’s that special time of the month when The CVAS and Alf Alpha get together for a night of dancing and crafting inside the Amigo Room of the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs – and you and all of your friends are invited.  Then, after you’ve partied your brains out (while drinking responsibly) we invite you to our CVAS Art Gallery inside Epidemic Skate Shop in Palm Desert on Sunday night.  We will be debuting the most recent works of an artist that we are truly excited about – Robert Medina!! It’s a must see show – both of them – and we look forward to seeing you there.


Throughout the week the CVAS will be busy attending a couple Modernism Week events.  Just in case you wanna join us, we will give you a nice listing of which events we will be at and also a list of other ones we WISH we could be at (aka sold out tours, or ones we can’t afford).  Modernism Week is slowly, but surely, turning into one of our favorite special events that happen in the Coachella Valley – we are so hype on it!!


This past weekend we also checked out the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair – and loved it.  The calibur of organization, direction and talent at this festival was impressive.  This was an event that was ‘one for the books’ – showcasings hundreds of different artists and galleries from all over the United States, to have the Fair come through Palm Springs was an honor.  We are already looking forward to them coming back next year, but in the meantime we will share with you a small Event Recap from this year this week.


Also, not too long ago, we were invited to the new hotel/restaurant in town, Tinto inside The Saguaro.  Inside the Saguaro is the new bar and restrauant curated by the world famous Iron Chef, Jose Garces.  The Coachella Valley Art Scene has the honor of meeting the chef, and not just getting a tour of his new digs in Palm Springs, but also getting to sample the new menue and taste the top tequilla choices at El Hefe (the tequillla bar).  As you can imagine – we were wowed….


In addition to touching upon dance + craft parties, art shows, interior design tours, and tasting tequilla at Tintos we are also looking forward to Commercial Breaks, Tumbling and sharing Instagram photos with all y’all.  Not to forget, Things 2 Do Thursday.


With all this coming up, we better get to work!


‘Till next time…