A Head of the Curve: Richard Carrasco

an Artist Spotlight written by Ian Cush

The Coachella Valley Art Scene is always looking to foster the Coachella Valleys art movement and style.  The CVAS looks at the people, art, places, music, events and movements that are shaping “the scene”.  But like any good art scene, fashion goes hand-in-hand with the artistic expression as a prevailing force of personal taste and trendsetting. From the east  to the west the Coachella Valley has been turing out its own unique blend of style and fashion trends and people from all over are starting to take notice.

While art and fashion hit the streets local freelance hairstylist, Richard Carrasco, has been taking his art above the shoulders with his unique blend of head turing hair styles. Richard, or “rich_cutzzz” as he is known on Instagram, has taken a progressive take on classic hair styles deeply rooted with barber sensibilities and lore. These might sound like your grandpas hair styles but the end results are edgy precise cuts that have a unique flair layered into every detail.

Richard Carrasco Hair Style

(Richard Carrasco)

Hair stylist are often overlooked as artists but Richard is an artist in the truest sense as he has an artist eye, that innate ability to blend precision skills and craft with vision and creativity. He works to understand his canvases unique style, desires and dreams shaping them into hair cuts that define the individual as much as they define the truest sense of style.

Style is about looking into the past and bringing forward the purest notes with your own voice and Richard has the ear to harness this scene’s unique style as he emerges as another great hair artist in the valley. A master a of complexity and skill but a muse to simplicity he has the ability to tasteful blend progressive edgy cuts with the canvas personal mantra or style. You really get a sense that the best is yet to come from this young artist as his enthusiasm and grander increases with every hair style.

Desert Eagles Hair Style

Desert Eagles Lifestyle

Futuristic Hair

Edgy Modern Hair Style for men

A Mod Cut and hair style

newaged hair style

Modern 50's Pomp

Like many artists Richard is passionate about his craft and his community. He has personally helped to foster the personal styles of many of the valleys rising artist and musicians. Recently, The Coachella Valley Art Scene was lucky enough to catch up with Richard Carrasco  for a style lesson for their annual Doo Wop in the Desert 1950’s inspired retro Valentine’s dance.

It was immediately present that Richard had the ability to understand his clients and offer them unique, progressive and styles that let the individual step out from behind their own comfort zones and style inhibitions. That night at the salon all of our models got amazing progressive takes on many of the 50’s most popular hair styles. Even our very own DJ Alf Alpha got a swaggy new retro dew!

Doowop in the desert Hair Styles

The Trill Wave on Dj Alf Alpha

Humble, unique and hungry Richards art is growing and flourishing and we look forward to following this unique artists career as it progresses…

* * *

To set up an appointment, please email Richard Carrasco at


Or Visit http://richardcarrasco.com/