Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello, how are you!?!  Hope all is well on your end of the computer screen.  All is certainly keen in mine.   This past weekend was my birthday!  It was great.  I went to Salvation Mountain for a day trip and actually got a new MacBook Pro as a present.  Was sweet!!  I am so excited to be running on a new computer that is not from 2006!!!  Nobody ever said bloggers were ballers, okay?!?  Anyways, new year, new computer.  Watch out world (wide web), I’m coming for ya…

This week, after spending a weekend out by the Salton Sea, we jump right back into the wonderful world of reality (sigh).  Not the funnest place, but definitely the most active!  So, let’s get that ball rolling.

This week on the blog we will be focusing our attention on visual artists and their stories.  In doing that we will be featuring a Vimeo series that is being locally produced here in the Coachella Valley called Colliding Worlds.  Colliding Worlds interviews all kinds of artists, many of which who have works showing here in the Coachella Valley.  These are great videos that give us raw interviews and the back stories on each artist.  So, make sure to keep an eye out out for the Commercial Break: Colliding Worlds linkage.

Speaking of artists who are currently showing work, this week we are busting out out Event Recap: Robert Medina’s Opening at The CVAS Art Space.  It was a super successful night, art selling out within two hours and packed house full of young art enthusiasts.  We couldn’t have been prouder of Robert Medina, and more thankful to collaborate with a cool shop like Epidemic Skateboard Shop to make it all happen.

And on the subject of CVAS events, this Saturday we introduce the World Famous (daytime) Pool Party!!! Yeah, and that means you better come.  And yes, that means music (by Alf Alpha) and crafts by yours truly!  Poolside at the Ace Hotel this Saturday from 12:00pm – 4:00pm….see you there.  More details on the blog coming later this week!

And if you aren’t available to come craft with us poolside this Saturday, then you might want to consider visiting the Palm Springs Art Museum this Thursday for a Free Film Screening of the psychological thriller, Swimming Pool (2003) as part of their ongoing programs for Backyard Oasis.  Screening starts at 6:00pm inside the Annenberg Theatre so don’t you be late…

For those of you who get more thrills out of strolling the museum then a psychological thriller film, then come on over to the Free 2nd Sundays day at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  Yes, you read correctly, every 2nd Sunday of the month the museum opens their doors and let’s the public in to view their current exhibition for free!  It’s great!

Other free art events happening in town this weekedn will also be posted in the Art Shows A Go Go feature.  One art show in particular is based out in San Diego, however, it features many Coachella Valley artsist, so of course we have to give them a shout ot as well.

Trying some new, this week we will be debuting our first food & restaurant review, The Art of Cuisine.  We are so excited to challenge our taste buds and writing talents!  Let’s see if what we serve fills you up!..

Throughout the duration of this month will be formatting an all new COACHELLA GUIDE for 2012.  We are so excited to bring you this new list of new businesses and secret spots!  It’s the perfect guide for all those coming into the Coachella Valley for the concert, or even just for the weekend….or even just for the local who doesn’t get out much!  It’s for anyone in search of the cool things to do, see, taste, touch, hear, experience and visit.  Look for a link to our last year’s and feel free to start sending recommendations for this years (email me!!!

And on Thursday, bet your bottom dollar that Things 2 Do Thursday will be your after dark party line for the 760!  Just give us a holler (aka click on the link), and here you wil be provided with a list of all kinds of events going on after dark in the desert.

It’s going to be a good rest of the week, glad you all coudl share it with us.  In the meantime…. check out our TUMBLR!!!