Desert Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello!  How’s it going?  All is well over here in the blogesphere!  Honestly, we can’t complain.  We are keeping online, and outside as well – which is always important for a blogger!  I know, I know, you’d think the best thing for us would to be planted in front of our computer for house plugging away at stories and doing research, but it’s actually quite the contrary.  The best thing for a blogger is to go out and live life!  Take in new experiences and live in the moment.  Appreciate things for what they are and then share that appreciation with the rest of their readers.  So, with that in mind, there are many things that we will be going out and getting done this week and next.


First things first, what I am MOST excited about is the art show that the CVAS x BIRBA x QULTURE QREATIVE is hosting on Thursday titled, AOK (Art of Kraft).  The show will feature works from Aaron Hansen, ANTA, God Awful, Rick Rodriguez, The CVAS, and special guests!  Alf Alpha will be on the turntables and a special acoustic set from Giselle Woo will go down as well!  Come for the art, stay for the good food and crafts!  Here’s the RSVP and all Info:


Also up to bat this week is another Foodie Rant with Angie Kat.  She is one hot momma who keeps pumping out the good aromas and receipts from the kitchen of the Kat.  Stay tuned for her latest summer snack of choice.


When it’s summer time in the desert, there’s a lot to grope and whine about.  However, with the Palm Springs Art Musem’s free summer film program – it makes it a lot harder to complain.  And we all know how fun it is to pout, but to be honest it’s way funner to just go watch a free film in the air conditioning.  This week the film, Men Who Swim, will be screened and there is surely nothing to pout about that!  In fact, it might even make you grin.  More details in a bit.


Oh, and speaking of the fabulous Palm Springs Art Museum, Elvis will be hologram-ed all weekend long at the museum!!! Just kidding! That would be pretty awesome though.  No, but in reality, it’s the Weekend with the King – a whole two days dedicated to the man with art shows, performances and even meet ‘n greets.  It doesn’t get much more Palm Springs then that right?  #keeppalmspringsweird


This weekend, whether you get into some Elvis party or not, is going to be fun regardless because it’s Cinco de Mayo on Saturday!  We’ll keep you in the loop with the latest and greatest in the independent party scene via our Things 2 Do Thursday post.


But, before we just too far ahead into the future, let’s take a moment to reflect back a bit… like, 2 weeks back.  Yeah, during Coachella.  And okay, maaaaaayybe I’m having Coachella withdraws…but aren’t you??  We will be sharing some of our memorable moments on the festival grounds from the Coachella Art Studios and inside the show with our Explorations of the Desert feature.


And last but not leads, if you’re in town and looking for a few art shows to check out – we got you.  Make sure to check back in for our Art Shows a Go Go post, providing a list of shows that we think our readers would enjoy.


And with that, we are off!!!  Thank you all for being so patient and kind during these ultra busy months for us!  I love blogging, it’s in my blood and guts, but sometimes a girl has got to live and do an art installation or two at big music festivals!  Know what I mean?  I am sure you do…