A.O.K. (Art of Kraft) is a monthly showcase that hopes to serve as a vehicle to help connect local business owners with artists and other artist with each other. It is our goal to create a container that’s supports creativity and access to our diverse community. It is held at BIRBA in Uptown Palm Springs, made possible with the support of Qulture Qreative, and is curated by Sarah Scheideman of The Coachella Valley Art Scene. 

This month we are really excited to bring the craft of iPhone art into the spotlight.  We have been inspired by following Aaron Hansen (@aaronhansenistomorrowman), Rick Rodriguez (@ibelieveinfunk) and Steven Preston (@stevenbpreston) on Instagram.  These three creatives have shown us that your cellular phone isn’t just a communication device and that Instagram isn’t the only place where your edited iPhone pix should live.  From the screen of your phone to the palm of your hand, they’ve taken their everyday musings and made them into tangible pieces of art.  Overall, we love the concept, but we love the quality of products they have came up with even more.       

In AOK’s (Art of Kraft) third installment, last one of this season, we are excited to bring you a variety of local artists .  Featuring new works from Maya Kalabic, Angela Kinley, Aaron Hansen, Rick Rodriguez, Steven Preston, Cakefetti, and Wane Kan.  We are looking forward to getting picked up for another season!  To make this happen please come out and support – art, crafts, drinks and great food abound. Looking forward to seeing you there.


AOK Artist Spotlight : Steven Preston

on his newly self-published book of iPhone photography, iPalm

The CVAS: Describe the pieces of work that you are bringing to the AOK Art Show this Sunday.
Steven Preston: I’m showing a new book of photography, called iPalm. The book is a compilation of palm tree images I have collected over the past year, shooting only with my iPhone.
Steven Preston iPlam - iphone photography book

The CVAS: You are showcasing your iPhone art, but you haven’t always been just an iPhone artist…. what is your creative background? 
Steven Preston: I am primarily a video producer/director, working on TV commercials, corporate video, music videos, and print photography.  But I have always found opportunities to produce other work, outside of video.  

The CVAS: The iPhone seems to be a new creative tool for you… what is your work flow on the iPhone?  App of choice?  
Steven Preston: I have a basic work flow of shooting and minimal post-production.  I like the “Polaroid” feel of what you see is what you get, I don’t like to get caught up in too many post effects. I’ve found a camera app I like after experimenting with a few, I shoot with the Hipstamatic camera w/BigUps/Watts lens package on an iPhone 4.
Steven Preston iPlam - iphone photography book

The CVAS: How is photographing on an iPhone different then from a regular digital camera?  
Steven Preston: It’s more spontaneous, immediate, fun.  It very much is the modern Polaroid, just shoot and there it is.  

The CVAS: Are there other iPhone artists that you admire?  Some instagram profiles that you like?  
Steven Preston: All the other people in this show, and a few jet-setters that insta their interesting & inspiring lives.
Steven Preston iPalm - iphone photography book

The CVAS: Your iPhone evolves around the desert… you focus on a particular aspect of the desert… why and what is it about this particular subject that interests/inspires you?  
Steven Preston: There are just so many palm trees, they’re really every where and I can never get away from them or help myself from looking up at them.
Steven Preston iPalm - iphone photography book
To check out Steven Preston’s self-published photography book you must attend the AOK (Art of Kraft) art show.  Here the “coffee table books” will be on display and sold for $20.   Steven will also be offering individual prints from his iPalm book as well.
Information on the show: 
Who: BIRBA x Qulture Qreative X The Coachella Valley Art Scene
What: AOK (Art of Kraft) art showcase
When: Sunday, June 3rd
Where: BIRBA 622 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA
Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm