This Sunday is FREE for all at the Palm Springs Art Museum!  Not only is there free entrance to anyone and everyone who has interest in art, but there are also free activities and film screenings that the museum offers as well.  It’s a win-win situation.

A great way to spend your Sunday afternoon…

free 2nd sundays at palm springs art museum

free 2nd sundays at palm springs art museum

About Free 2nd Sunday at the Palm Springs Art Museum

“With generous support from the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation, the museum is proud to present Free 2nd Sundays. The second Sunday of each month features a schedule of programming for all ages and interests including hands-on family activities, performances, films on art and culture, docent-led spotlight talks and demonstrations of artists at work. The summer activities are centered on Simply Masterful, Comic Art Indigène, and Ransom by Lewis deSoto. Admission and all activities are free.” –

Special Museum Features:


Pop Goes Humor


Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid 1950s in Great Britain and developed through the 1960s in the United States. It challenged the traditions of fine art by including images derived from popular culture such as comic books, advertising, product labeling, logos, and television. Examples in this exhibition show that the concept of Pop art refers to the attitudes that led to its development more than to the artwork itself. Andy Warhol took Pop beyond an artistic style to a life style as he developed new approaches and techniques to art making. Humor in pop art is represented in a range of forms — from caricature and cartoons to the more subtle, less obvious intellectual forms of satire and social commentary. It can be expressed through its subject and content simply as an awkward or silly facial gesture or implied by the style, attitude, technique, or the material. Humor can also be expressed through irreverence, surprise, or the unexpected; or the juxtaposition of objects or situations that appear incongruous.

George Segal’s imprints were made by pressing “inked” models wearing T-shirts and blue jeans against large paper sheets to create figurative images while Robert Arneson bashes, smashes, contorts, and manipulates images of his face to create visual puns on art and the world, from nuclear war to an artist’s formal dilemmas. Mel Ramos’ Nude on Rhino reminds us of a colorful magazine or calendar advertisement while Red Grooms’ lithographs playfully recreate Picasso in his studio or artists at the Cedar Bar. David Gilhooly creates ceramic sculptures of frogs in human or superhuman roles from Prince Arthur to Buddha, and Viola Frey casts found popular objects using somewhat crude, child-like techniques.

Through humorous and popular imagery, artists address the human experience — providing comic relief, amusement, and to keep us from taking things too seriously.

Michael Petry, The Touch of the Oracle


The Touch of the Oracle features three monumental site-specific installations – Golden RainJoshua D’s Wall, and The Dilemma. These artworks provide an opportunity for audiences to experience the work of Michael Petry, an installation-based conceptual artist that draws inspiration from art history, mythology, and contemporary culture. The distinct pieces relate and interact with each other and the visitors to the gallery creating an ambiance of sound and visual complexity.

While Petry is not traditionally associated with the studio glass movement, his creative sensibilities are stimulated by the medium of glass in monumental works. Unlike studio glass artists, Petry does not actually create his individual art objects, but seeks out highly skilled crafts people with whom he collaborates to animate his conceptual ideas. For these installations, he has worked with an inspired team of glass blowers to create works that require a high level of technical expertise.

Contemporary Glass

11.12.10 – Ongoing

Glass as a fine art material is relatively new and used by a wide range of extraordinarily talented artists from throughout the world. Its remarkable physical properties result in a medium of astounding aesthetic expression. From the spontaneous to the methodical, artists’ creative ideas range from narrative to conceptual, explore current art movements, or innovatively express personal vision. Drawn from the museum’s permanent collection and private collections, this exhibition includes works by significant artists who have contributed to the notion that glass has broken through the aesthetic barrier between craft and fine art.

Contemporary Works from the Permanent Collection

08.28.10 – Ongoing

The museum’s contemporary galleries are installed with a set of themes that integrate significant works from the gifts and promised works from Donna and Cargill MacMillan, Jr. with recent loans. Artists in this collection include Louise Bourgeois, Ralph Goings, Mona Hatoum, Donald Judd, Anish Kapoor, Rachel Lachowicz, Morris Louis, Max Neumann, Mimmo Paladino, Neo Rauch, Robert Rauschenberg, the Starn Brothers, Andy Warhol, and Andrea Zittel.

palm springs art museum free 2nd sunday

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