A couple weeks ago you may have read in an interview with the artist known as ANTA here on the blog that he was going to have his debut solo art show at the Venus Art Studio in Palm Desert.

Despite the super weird weather of extra high winds that night, a lot of people came to the show.  It was a packed show with people coming from both ends of the Coachella Valley to support one of the fiercest “go-getters” in the valley.

We were able to catch the art show, chat with friends, connect with strangers, listen to some music and even get some great fashion tips.  Below are a few photos that we captured from the night.  Overall, we dug the show.  Art was great, however, the amount of personality in that place was even greater.  Can you tell?

Props, Anta!


ANTA in front of his favorite spot of his favorite wall at his solo show.

Planet Lunch & The Neighborhood Twerp at Anta's show

Anta had special musical guests, Planet Lunch & The Neighborhood Twerp.

Gnar shit.

sons of the desert

Sons of the Desert.


Awesome shoes.

To check out more art from ANTA and read his interview, click here.

Looking forward to the next show at Venus coming up very soon!