This Sunday the Coachella Valley Art Scene and Epidemic Skateboard Shop team up to bring the latest in art, technology and craft….Instaprints.  Featuring the latest works from the multi-talented artists – Aaron Hansen and Rick Rodriguez – an art duo who have traveled the United States painting murals, designed and screen printed thousands of shirts, and most recently invented a new form art.   

Hansen and Rodriguez have quickly gained popularity on and off the ‘screen’ with their Instaprints.  We first knew these iPhone-Instagram-photos-turned-pieces-of-hand-crafted-art were going catch fire at the AOK (Art of Kraft) Art Shows when they sold every piece within an hour.

This Sunday the two will exhibit their latest works, an even more elaborate collection of Instaprints of different images and sizes that they have been working on for months now.  We are so excited to be surprised what the future holds…not just in their hands, but what this will inspire all the people that attend the show as well.  You may never look at your cell phone the same again….

Read the information and interview below for information on “There’s No Place Like Home”:




“Home is where the heart is. We live in a rare place and I like to give the “Insta-world” a look into the desert lifestyle. I try and show the sunsets, plant life, desert animals, art, everything the desert is known for. The “less is more” experience of the desert inspires me.”

– Aaron Hansen

Show Info:
Who:  Aaron Hansen & Rick Rodriguez
What: “There’s No Place Like Home” – a series of iPhone Instaprints
When: Sunday, July 22nd
Where: at Epidemic Skateboard Shop 72363 HWY 111 Suite 2 Palm Desert, CA
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Ages: ALL AGES!!
About “There’s No Place Like Home”:
Epidemic and The Coachella Valley Art Scene invite you to attend the latest showing of local talent in the CVAS Art Space. This season’s featured artists are Aaron Hansen and Rick Rodriguez, bringing you “There’s No Place Like Home – A Series of iphotography ‘Instaprints’.”Hansen and Rodriguez have mastered the art of iphotography and photo manipulation via iphone apps, and have curated a reputable series of artworks on their personal instagram accounts (Hansen- @aaronhansenistomorrowman, Rodriguez -@ibelieveinfunk). Their roots in the Coachella Valley are apparent in the desert centric theme of their works, creating a surreal aesthetic out of everyday experiences. “There’s No Place Like Home” brings Hansen and Rodriguez’s artworks from your screen to the three dimensional.All works will be available for purchase from 7pm the night of the show and thereafter. They’ve been known to sell quick, so show up early!Free entrance, free beverages, and free music by Alf Alpha! 


About the Artist:
aaron hansen

INTERVIEW: Aaron Hansen 

On what his “Instaprints” are and where they are coming from.

written & conducted by Sarah Scheideman of The Coachella Valley Art Scene
aaron hansen instaprints
Sarah of The CVAS: Describe what you will be showcasing at “There’s No Place Like Home”…you’re latest invention,  “Instaprints.”
Aaron Hansen: I’ll be showing my prints from my Instagram profile “@aaronhansenistomorrowman,” mounted on stained wood with burned edge,s and a satin or gloss finish.

The CVAS: You are showcasing your iPhone art, but you haven’t always been just an iPhone artist…. what is your creative background? 

Aaron Hansen:  My creative background comes from being an inquisitive human being. I’ve dabbled in graffiti, ceramics, acrylic paintings, screen-printing, graphic design and miscellaneous mediums on paper.
The CVAS:  The iPhone seems to be a new creative tool for you… what is your workflow on the iPhone?  App of choice? 
Aaron Hansen:  Using the iPhone as a creative tool is comical yet yields amazing results. I partake in iPhotography and all the editing in between important tasks I should be doing; at dinner, semi-engaging conversations, waiting in lines (my favorite editing moments), before bed, in the bathroom, usually right after I find a place to sit, YouTube advertisements before videos start, waiting for an email or text… pretty much boring situations. My usual process is Camera+, then Montage, if next level editing is necessary I’ll take it to Juxtaposer, then Instagram.
The CVAS:  How is photographing on an iPhone different then from a regular digital camera?
Aaron Hansen:  The reason I got an iPhone was because I wanted an iPod, digi camera and a new phone at the same time. So I got the 3GS when it was futuristic. Money was the factor, but practicality is the number one reason. You can take a photo, edit it, then send it wherever you like without transferring it to your computer first. It’s so much quicker and it’s always ready to go.
The CVAS:  Are there other iPhone artists that you admire?  Some instagram profiles that you like? 
Aaron Hansen:  Heck ya… @xativ, @hallwood, @joycesu, @chucknewham, @daydream_in_cali, @magicbag, @_mone and @f7.
See the latest in Aaron Hansen and Rick Rodriguez’s work this Sunday at Epidemic Skateboard Shop in Palm Desert.
Epidemic Skateboard Shop
72363 HWY 111 Suite 2 Palm Desert, CA
“There’s No Place Like Home” – a series of iPhone Instaprints
Sunday, July 22nd
7:00pm – 10:00pm
music provided by Alf Alpha